New Warzone Calling Cards Show New Areas of Caldera Map

Season 6 of Warzone is coming to an end, much to the delight of the community, who have already set their sights on the all-new Caldera map, which will premiere in Season 1 of Warzone Pacific, ushering in a brand-new era for the wildly popular battle royale.

So far, Raven Software has already revealed plenty of information about the new map set in the Pacific, including a list of the main points of interest (POI) being revealed in the Call of Duty Vanguard global launch live stream. Thanks to a potentially unintentional release, players are getting their first look at the POIs thanks to the appearance of brand-new Calling Cards.

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Warzone Caldera Calling Cards

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While there are still a few weeks left before Caldera's release, it appears new Calling Cards were added to the game, much to the surprise of players. Call of Duty Youtuber ‘KRNG ProReborn’ took to Twitter to share these recent additions, unsure if they were intended to be a part of the game this early on.

Based on the images, Caldera appears to be a sharp contrast to the bustling metropolis of Verdansk, a map that players are becoming tired of due to the lack of changes that have been made since its 1984 version launched back in Season 3. Based on the list of known POIs, the Calling Cards showcase areas of Capital City and the Fishing Village along with the Hospitable Resort which appears to be some kind of hotel complex with rooftop swimming pools and smaller buildings nearby.

Even though it's just Calling Cards, Caldera is going to be a huge difference to Verdansk and it will be very interesting to see how players and content creators react when they drop in for the first time.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Release Date

Activision has confirmed that Caldera will be available for everyone to play on December 3rd, with Vanguard players getting 24 hours of early access beginning on December 2nd. Check out our guide on how to play Warzone Pacific early.

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