What's In the Warzone Pacific & Vanguard Season 1 Battle Pass?

As Season 6 comes to a close, the start of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific and Call of Duty Vanguard is around the corner, much to the excitement of the community waiting to drop into Caldera for the first time. At the start of every season, players have the option to obtain the new Battle Pass.

Each new season makes way for the arrival of a fresh Battle Pass which includes a wide range of cosmetic items including weapon blueprints, Calling Cards, and weapon charms. With that said, what exactly is included in the Season 1 Battle Pass?

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Warzone Pacific & Vanguard Season 1 Battle Pass

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The Battle Pass always contains 100 Tiers of brand-new content for players to work their way through, including two new weapons and new Operators that can be earned. The exact details on what the Season 1 Battle Pass contains have yet to be revealed but based on previous seasons of post-launch content, we can expect Calling Cards, Operator Skins, and Weapon Blueprints to feature heavily alongside a Legendary Operator Skin that's likely to appear at Tier 100.

One of the data miners, "Flankoflex" has found some of the blueprints that could be included in the Battle Pass.

Warzone Pacific & Vanguard Season 1 Battle Pass Cost

The standard one should cost 1000 COD Points and the Premium Bundle which includes 25 Tier Skips will cost 2400 COD Points. Sledgehammer Games will be disclosing more information on the Battle Pass as the update comes close.

The Season 1 Battle Pass will be available for all the players on December 8th, once the new season goes live. It'll be interesting to see what exciting things come with the Battle Pass and how the community responds to it. For more intel, check out our Warzone Pacific and Vanguard hubs containing everything you need to know about the new season!

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