Star Wars: KOTOR Remake Doesn't Appear To Have EA Or BioWare's Involvement

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Since getting unveiled at last week's PlayStation Showcase, we've heard a few things about Aspyr Media's upcoming Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake. Alongside Jennifer Hale's return as Bastila Shan, we also know its a timed PS5 console exclusive, but many have queried EA and BioWare's involvement.

With BioWare having developed the original game and EA now owning BioWare - not to mention EA currently hold exclusive rights to Star Wars until 2023 - it's unsurprising this question has arisen. However, according to Game Awards head Geoff Keighley, EA's being evasive.

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Star Wars: KOTOR Remake Doesn't Appear To Have EA Or BioWare's Involvement

As seen below, Keighley reached out directly to both companies, seeing if they're involved. Rather than confirm or deny it, EA's spokesperson simply advised "we are proud of our long-standing collaboration with Lucasfilm Games," listing some of their previous works like Squadrons and Jedi: Fallen Order. As such, we can reasonably speculate EA aren't involved with this.


As for BioWare, they released a tweet stating they're "proud" of their work on the original KOTOR, wishing Aspyr's remake well. That seems to rule out direct involvement too, though we know that members of KOTOR's original development team are involved, thanks to last week's PlayStation Blog. We'll keep you informed as we learn more.

Source: Eurogamer