KOTOR Remake: Jennifer Hale Will Reprise Her Role As Bastila Shan

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KOTOR Remake developers have recently confirmed that Bastila Shan's voice actress will be working for this upcoming game again. Jennifer Hale will reprise her role as the main character's confidant who will join Revan's adventures in this game. Here's what we know about this development for this Star Wars title.

Jennifer Hale Returns For KOTOR Remake

According to Aspyr lead producer Ryan Treadwell, Jennifer Hale has reprised her role as Bastila Shan in the upcoming KOTOR Remake. Her voice can be heard in the first trailer where she narrates over a unknown Sith wielding their signature red lightsaber. Hale's voice continues and the red lightsaber's light reveals a masked Sith. For many Star Wars fans, this masked Sith is actually Revan who is the main protagonist of the Knights of The Old Republic.


The game's return is welcome as this Star Wars game was seminal for many decision-based RPG titles moving forward after this game's success.

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More Familiar Voices

Additionally, Treadwell also confirms that there will be more familiar voices in upcoming remake. For now, we've yet to know who else will be reprising their roles in this upcoming game. So far, the Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic game is still just about two decades old. Many of the voice cast in the earlier games are still active in the voicework industry.

We'll have to wait on who else will join Hale in the voice reel of this project.

Who Is Bastila Shan?

In the KOTOR story, Bastila Shan is a key character for Revan's growth in the whole game. Early in the story, Revan is a Sith who is redeemed into becoming a Jedi as he continues on his adventure or he can rediscover his Sith ambitions in the story according to the player's decisions in this game. Players will meet this character alot and is a major player in Revan's goals as the player progresses further in the game.


Both longtime fans and fresh faces who'll pick up the KOTOR remake will have a consistent, similar experience in seeing this character unless the developers change something heavy in the game.

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