World Defenders codes (November 2022)

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World Defenders gameplay on Roblox.
November 26, 2022: A few new World Defenders codes have dropped like an early Christmas present.

Come get your World Defenders codes right here. If you're struggling to fend off dinosaurs in the Jurassic world or you're fending for yourself in the Roblox shadow world, there's nothing a good gems code won't fix. They're in short supply, but it beats the common alternative, that's for sure.


World Defender codes are good for free gems and coins. Both can be had just by playing the game, but an extra little boost can stop you from having to run a lengthy 20-round game just to pick up another unit. So if you're looking to build our your tower loadout, read on.

For more Roblox codes, we have a few recommendations. Shindo Life codes are always hot, and new Project Slayers codes just came in ahead of that game's big update in October. Then there's Blox Fruits codes for the classic One Piece fan game, and Slime Tower Tycoon codes for a fun idle adventure.

New World Defenders codes for November 2022

  • AGIFT - (NEW)
  • YAY - 25 gems
  • COINRAIN - 150 gems
  • 100K - 100 coins
  • 125K - 100 coins
  • 150K - 100 gems
  • FREEMONEY - 100 coins
  • NOTIGANG - 100 gems
  • TWEETTWEET - 50 gems
  • TWITTER1 - 50 gems

The following World Defenders codes were last checked and confirmed expired on November 26, 2022


Expired codes:

  • BOO2
  • BOO
Using World Defender codes in-game.

How to use World Defender codes

World Defender could are as easy to use as they could be. Rather than asking you to spam server chat boxes with codes that rarely work or throw out errors easily, World Defender codes are used through a simple in-game box.

In case you're struggling to spot it, it's right at the bottom left corner of the screen in-game. You don't need to open up another menu, so don't bother clicking around in the settings and shop windows. Just click that box at the bottom left, enter your World Defenders code, and claim the rewards.


The game won't actually tell you want you earned, but it will state whether the code was accepted or invalid. It'll say invalid whether you've entered one incorrectly or used it before, so don't automatically assume the worst.

How do I get more World Defender codes?

Though you can't just request your own personal World Defender code each month like with codes, you can check out the game's social media accounts to scout out codes sometimes faster than we can add them.

The World Defenders Twitter and Discord spaces are worth checking out both for future codes and updates, but you can even sometimes spot new codes in-game. Just look at the news board in the main lobby and you might spot one we haven't seen yet.

For even more Roblox freebies, we have a few more recommendations. A One Piece game codes are still coming in, and Bleach Era codes are coming in again while the sequel is in development. Lastly, classic King Legacy codes can be yours if you're lucky. They're rare, but they're out there, and they're well worth using if you're an active player.