Era of Althea tier list (March 2024) - All snaps ranked

Image of two anime characters in Age of Althea.

Image of two anime characters in Age of Althea.
April 12, 2024: New characters are now added to our Era of Althea tier list.

On the lookout for the latest and best Era of Althea tier list? You are in the right place. This Roblox RPG is one of the most famous combat-based titles out there. Many players love its theme where players collect rare magic styles (called snaps) that improve the strength of the character. Our tier list will help you see which are the ones worth getting.

In this Roblox guide, we'll rank all the snaps in Era of Althea based on their rarity and proficiency in combat. That'll help you get a feel for which ones are best, in turn leaving you ready to dive head first into the hit game.

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Era of Althea tier list (April 2024)

Era of Althea tier list




Heavenly Body







See the table above for our tier list, ranking all snap moves currently available in Era of Althea.

There are twelve currently in the game, so take your pick and see which are best to use. Our current ranking is denoted by rarity, with the hardest saps to unlock appearing in the upper tiers. You'll need a lot of luck to get them, but they're more than worth grinding for.

What is the best Era of Althea snap?

As per our tier list, the best snap currently in Era of Althea is Spatial, but Lightning is creeping up and could overtake with proper bug fixed.

With a pull rate of just 0.01%, you've got to be either incredibly dedicated or incredibly lucky to get your hands on it. The Time snap is also very rare with a 0.3% drop rate, so if you manage to get either of them you should be in good stead.

However, just having a good snap in Era of Althea doesn't necessarily mean that you'll boss the game easily. A large part of it is the moves you choose within each magical class, which are called pages. These are unlocked separately, so you'll need to grind those out as well as your snap to get yourself a proper S-tier build.

What are Era of Althea snaps?

As mentioned, snaps in Era of Althea are the types of magic you can use in combat.

As such, some snaps focus on water moves, fire moves, and so on. Within each snap is a set of pages, which are the individual moves themselves. It's through a combination of both snaps and pages that you can wholly customise your character, shaping them into an all-conquering behemoth in battle.

How do I get more Era of Althea snaps?

To get more Era of Althea snaps, you'll have to rely on sheer luck. That's because it uses a gacha system, where you spend currency or Robux to activate random spins to see which snap you get. That's why it becomes so tough to pull some of the S-tier snaps, due to how slim the chances are of you spinning onto them.

Once botted into Era of Althea from the Roblox game page, simply head over to the Store and select your spins from there. The game says that you can purchase spins either with Robux or through codes, so make sure to redeem any and all Era of Althea codes as they come. For many free-to-play gamers, that's the only way you'll be able to get the best snaps.

That's it for our Era of Althea tier list! Be sure to check back often, because we'll update our rankings as and when new snaps arrive, or when the meta is shaken up in patches down the line. Until then, feel free to go ahead and redeem some Pet Simulator X codes for even more Roblox goodies.

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