Era of Althea codes - free spins and rolls (August 2022)

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Era of Althea artwork.
August 11, 2022: In case you missed it, one new Era of Althea dropped yesterday. Use it now before the update pushes the requirement to level 60.

If you're looking for all the latest Roblox Era of Althea codes, here's everything you need to know. Roblox has come a long way over the last decade. It has managed to pump out tonnes of updates and reach millions of players every month, and this latest fan creation is only bringing more players into its blocky world.

As well as taking you through the latest Era of Althea codes, we'll be sure to go over how exactly you can redeem them in-game, what you'll get for doing so, which ones have expired, and even list out the latest patch notes.

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All working Era of Althea codes

  • ExploitersTradingAdoptMePets - 15 spins (NEW)
  • 23KLikes! - Free spins (NEW)
  • 16KLikes! - 35 spins
  • LikeForSpins1! - 50 spins
  • LikeForHair1! - Hair colour reroll
  • LikeForEye1! - Eye colour reroll
  • OhThatWasntMeantToBeThere - Free stuff

The following Era of Althea codes were last checked and confirmed expired on August 10, 2022:

Expire codes

  • DamnMyBad
  • DetestFiveSpins
  • RankedMobileUsers
  • ChadMobileUsers
  • BugFixes
  • 1MillionVisits
  • DetestThrewItBackOnMe
  • HairReroll6!
  • EyeReroll5!
  • 1.5KPlayers!
  • 2KActive!
  • 75KVisits!
  • 75KMembers!
  • 50KVisits!
  • 5KMembers!
  • BACKUP!!
  • ReadTheToad1
  • ImThonkingAboutIt!
  • MidTest
  • 17KVisits!!
  • 40KVisits!
  • NewUpdate??
  • AhwokenTwitter!
  • ShutdownForFixesA!
  • MaineEOA
  • 25LIKES!
  • 25LIKES!
  • MyApologies!
  • AltheaHype!
  • EOA
  • 1500Likes
  • 3000Likes
  • 6000Likes2
  • TrueSupport!
  • ShutdownForFixes!
  • ShutdownForFixes2!
  • 15KLIKES!

The next new Era of Althea code is set to drop when the game hits 55k likes.

Redeeming Era of Althea codes in Roblox.
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How to redeem Era of Althea codes

  • Launch Era of Althea
  • Create your character and log in
  • Press M to open up the menu
  • Hit the Settings cog in the middle
  • Type your Era of Althea codes into the box at the bottom of the Settings menu
  • Hit 'Redeem Code'

If you want to redeem any of the codes above, launch Era of Althea and make your character.

You always have a free spin at the bottom left corner so feel free to get some nice goodies there. Once you have done this, press "m" to open up the menu. Go into the settings menu and you will find a code box. Just enter in any of the codes from above and get all those freebies.

Codes only work on the server version they were introduced with. It's hard to tell when exactly this was if you're not in the community Discord, but it's enough to say that's likely the reason why they might not work.

With Update 2, Era of Althea codes will require a level 60 character.

Era of Althea patch notes - version 2.40

  • Dash fixed and no longer breaks

Era of Althea v2.40 hasn't brought much to the game other than a single fix for the Dash button.

When is the new Era of Althea update?

Era of Althea Update 2 is set to launch on Friday, August 12 at around 3-4pm EST. That's 8pm BST for the Europeans. It'll include new magics and an overall smoother experience. Allegedly.

Is there an Era of Althea Discord?

You'll find the Era of Althea Discord listed on the official Era of Althea game page. If you've lost that, just click the link above.

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