Bleach Era codes - Free rerolls and EXP (August 2023)

The world of Bleach Era.

The world of Bleach Era.
August 7, 2023: Bleach Era is back in business! Here are the new codes soon.

Looking to grab some freebies via all the new Bleach Era codes? Bleach Era is an action-heavy Roblox game inspired by the hit anime and manga series Bleach. It sees you creating your very own Bleach character, before heading into battle and gradually building up your powers as either a Hollow or a Soul Reaper.

Along the way, you'll take on quests and duke it out against your enemies to earn EXP and in-game currency. It's a familiar gameplay style that should please fans of some of the biggest Roblox titles out there.

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All Working Bleach Era Codes

  • RerollElement4 - (NEW)
  • RerollElement5 - (NEW)
  • RerollElement6 - (NEW)
  • RerollRes4 - (NEW)
  • RerollRes5 - (NEW)
  • RerollRes6 - (NEW)
  • ResetSkillPoints4 - (NEW)
  • ResetSkillPoints5 - (NEW)
  • ResetSkillPoints6 - (NEW)
  • RerollReiastsu4 - (NEW)
  • RerollReiastsu5 - (NEW)
  • RerollReiastsu6 - (NEW)
  • RerollMask4 - (NEW)
  • RerollMask5 - (NEW)
  • RerollMask6 - (NEW)
  • RerollHollowApp4 - (NEW)
  • RerollHollowApp5 - (NEW)
  • RerollHollowApp6 - (NEW)
  • RerollColor4 - (NEW)
  • RerollColor5 - (NEW)
  • RerollColor6 - (NEW)
  • DropBoost4 - (NEW)
  • DropBoost5 - (NEW)
  • DropBoost6 - (NEW)
  • ExpBoost5 - (NEW)
  • ExpBoost6 - (NEW)
  • FinallyUpdate - Reroll element (NEW)
  • ExpBoost4 - EXP Boost (NEW)
  • RerollElement1 - Reroll element (NEW)
  • RerollElement2 - Reroll element (NEW)
  • RerollElement3 - Reroll element (NEW)
  • RerollRes1 - Resurrection reroll (NEW)
  • RerollRes2 - Resurrection reroll (NEW)
  • RerollRes3 - Resurrection reroll (NEW)
  • ResetSkillPoints1 - Skill point reset (NEW)
  • ResetSkillPoints2 - Skill point reset (NEW)
  • ResetSkillPoints3 - Skill point reset (NEW)
  • RerollReiastsu1 - Reiastsu roll (NEW)
  • RerollReiastsu2 - Reiastsu roll (NEW)
  • RerollReiastsu3 - Reiastsu roll (NEW)
  • RerollHollowApp1 - Hallow appearance reroll (NEW)
  • RerollHollowApp2 - Hallow appearance reroll (NEW)
  • RerollHollowApp3 - Hallow appearance reroll (NEW)
  • RerollColor1 - Zanpakuto Color reroll (NEW)
  • RerollColor2 - Zanpakuto Color reroll (NEW)
  • RerollColor3 - Zanpakuto Color reroll (NEW)
  • DropBoost1 - 15-minute drop boost (NEW)
  • DropBoost2 - 15-minute drop boost (NEW)
  • DropBoost3 - 15-minute drop boost (NEW)
  • followomikage - Exclusive cloak (NEW)
  • followmoyuto - Exclusive rewards (NEW)
  • 6.9mvisits - Free one-hour XP Boost (NEW)
  • 33klikes - Free one-hour XP Boost (NEW)
  • happy2022 - Free one-hour XP Boost (NEW)
  • bleachera2soon - Free one-hour XP Boost (NEW)
  • skillpointreset - Free Skill Point Reset (NEW)

The following Bleach Era codes were confirmed as expired on August 7, 2023

Expired codes:

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  • 3mvisits
  • 20klikes
  • 50faves
  • 15klikes
  • 45kfaves
  • 2mvisits
  • resetskillpoints
  • alpha6k
  • 7klikes
  • 25kfaves
The main menu for redeeming Bleach Era codes.
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How do I redeem Bleach Era Codes?

Using your Bleach Era codes is pretty simple. That said, we've listed step-by-step instructions down below to remove any ambiguity:

  • Start up Bleach Era over on the official Roblox site
  • Navigate your way to the main menu
  • Take note of the Twitter icon at the top-left of the screen
  • Click or tap on the icon to open the Bleach Era codes redemption box
  • Copy a Bleach Era code from the list above and redeem it
  • Once that's done, your rewards should appear in-game

What are Bleach Era codes?

Bleach Era codes are freebie codes handed out regularly by the game's developer. They typically grant double EXP bonuses and boosts to boss drops, so they're well worth redeeming as soon as they arrive. Basically, they're the best way to progress quickly.

How do I get more Bleach Era codes?

Bleach Era codes arrive fairly often, and there are seemingly a few ways to grab them. At the moment, the game's developer has released new codes to coincide with various milestones, like the game hitting 10k likes.

The best places to look for new Bleach Era codes are the game's Discord, the StackOrStarve Studios Roblox group, or the GrandFinale group. You can also follow the developer's Twitter page for the latest updates. There's also a final option: just bookmark this page and check back throughout the week, as we'll add every new Bleach Era code as soon as they're released.

Is there a Bleach Era Trello?

The Bleach Era Trello board is a great way to see all of the game's incoming changes, learn how to play via some handy guides, and work out what all of the Bleach terminology means. Just follow this link to see the public Trello board.

Is Bleach Era dead?

Bleach Era was never really confirmed dead, but with Bleach Era 2 on its way, development shifted to that project.

In the wake of the new Netflix Bleach anime, however, the Bleach Era team has committed to releasing a couple of new updates to celebrate. Until Bleach Era 2 releases, the first game is set to live on.

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