Titanage Codes - Free Cash and Accessories

December 9, 2021: We searched for new Titanage codes and checked those in our active and expired sections.

On the hunt for the latest Titanage codes? If you're unfamiliar, Titanage is an action-packed Roblox game that challenges you to fight monsters, power up your character, and team up with your pals to beat seemingly insurmountable odds. As you might have guessed, Titanage is loosely based on the hit anime and manga Attack on Titan.

Its developer, Expel Studios, has already warned that it's not for the faint of heart thanks to its high level of difficulty. It's likely game over if you're unlucky enough to get grabbed, stomped on, or chomped on by one of your foes, meaning you'll lose some of your hard-earned progress.

If you're worried about taking on the game's many challenges, you'd benefit greatly from a list of the latest Titanage codes. And would you look at that - we've compiled them all below for you. Be sure to check back here regularly to catch the latest Titanage codes as soon as they arrive. If you're in need of other Roblox freebies, we also keep regularly updated lists of Slayers Unleashed code, Pet Simulator X codes, Shindo Life codes, and All Star Tower Defense codes. There's a decent variety right there, but if you want to see the full selection, all you need to do is make a trip to our Roblox guides hub.

All Working Titanage Codes

  • 40KLikes - 3,000 cash
  • BUSYBEEE - Bee buddy
  • a3JdxD
  • LUXURIOUS!!! - A free hat
  • YEAHIMABOSS! - Boss-themed necklace
  • BESTACCESSY24 - Vaporwave Scythe
  • CoronaBack? - Face Mask accessory
  • KAWAIISUSSYBAKA - Chick Mask accessory
  • MFSA12F - Body Pillow accessory

The following Titanage codes are now expired. These were last checked on December 9, 2021.

Expired codes:

  • 25KLikes - 3,000 cash
  • 15KLikes - 3,000 cash
  • 10KLikes - 2,500 cash
  • 5KLikes - 2,000 cash
  • Adurah&QueenIzzyLookThemUp! - BoomBox accessory
  • Testing! - Free cash
  • MarshmelloDJY7 - Marshmello accessory
A Titanage character standing on a dead enemy.
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What Are Titanage Codes?

Titanage codes are freebie codes given out by the game's developer, Expel Studios, that typically offer cash and special accessories to customise your character with. They function similarly to Frontline Defense codes or Omega Tower Defense Simulator codes, assuming you're familiar with those two.

How Do I Redeem Titanage Codes?

Redeeming your Titanage codes is a very straightforward process. That said, we've broken it down into steps below to make it even more of a cakewalk.

  • Start up Titanage over on the official Roblox site
  • Look for the small gear icon on the bottom-right of the screen, then click or tap it
  • A settings menu will then appear
  • Copy your code from the list above and paste it into the box that says 'Code Here'
  • Click or tap the redeem button to use your code
  • Your Titanage codes rewards should then appear within your in-game inventory

How Do I Get More Titanage Codes?

As is typically the case with Roblox game codes, the best way to get more Titanage codes is to follow the developer's social channels. We'd recommend heading to Expel Studios' official Twitter account and joining the game's Discord server to stay in the know.

That said, you could always just bookmark this page instead, as we'll update our list of Titanage codes throughout the week to bring you the latest freebies as soon as they land. A new code is expected to arrive once the game passed 10k likes.

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