Best One Piece Roblox games

One Piece Roblox games
Credit: Roblox

One Piece Roblox games
Credit: Roblox

If you’re looking for the best One Piece Roblox games, it’s no wonder. Roblox is awash in swashbuckling games based on the hit anime and manga, and many of them look and seemingly play identically. Dive into them, though, and you quickly discover the differences. Some games have more to offer than they first appear.

We’ve done the diving for you and picked out the top six best One Piece Roblox games with an explainer into what makes them so good.

Once you’ve had your fill of One Piece, we’ve got plenty more Roblox goodness to help keep you busy. Check out our Anime Punching Simulator codes and Anime Clicker codes to fast track your way to glory, and if you’re in a more business-like mood, check out our Pet Simulator X trade values list to get the most from your goods.

The best One Piece Roblox games

One Fruit Simulator

This one has become more popular in recent months due to constant updates that have kept players coming back for more One Piece goodness.

In similar fashion to other Roblox One Piece games like True Piece, One Fruit Simulator focuses on RPG elements more than action-adventure. In fact, it's an open-world game!

Level up your character and face intense battles in either PvE or even PvP environments. Truly a unique experience for any One Piece fans.

Pixel Piece

One of the first One Piece Roblox games to launch in 2023 is Pixel Piece - and it's wholly unique. This one uses a blocky artstyle that makes it look more like Minecraft than Roblox, while retaining the familiar controls, fruits, and gameplay loop of the rest.

It's vibrant, it's gorgeous, and it's overall a great refresh of the One Piece Roblox genre that was starting to feel a little long in the tooth. If you've played the rest, now play not necessarily the best, but the one that isn't satisfied in the idea of just being a clone of what inspired it.

Roblox one piece games
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Credit: Roblox
Blox Fruits is a must-play

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits reigns supreme among other One Piece-alikes thanks to its incredible level of detail.

The environments are rendered with more care and attention to scope and style, you’ll run into more than just generic enemies, and your own hero has an expanded scope of actions similar to what you’d find in a traditional platformer or action game.

There’s some grinding involved in getting your stats just right, but our Blox Fruits codes should help make the process smoother.

King Legacy

King Legacy might not have quite the level of detail as Blox Fruits, but it’s still one of the best One Piece Roblox games around. It’s certainly one of the more involved, with different fighting styles, an array of Devil Fruits, and a much bigger world.

There’s a satisfying sense of progression as you work your way through the ranks and settle on a style that suits you. You’ll need plenty of Gems and Beli to find that style, though, and we’ve got the King Legacy codes to get you started with freebies for each.

Grand Piece Roblox online
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Credit: Roblox
Grand Piece is an epic adventure

Grand Piece Online

If you’re looking for a more exploration-focused adventure, Grand Piece Online is a good match for you.

Along with the usual Devil Fruits and fantastical beat-’em-up action, it tasks you with sailing the world to uncover secrets, take on quests to help characters, and decide the fate of the pirates with your actions. Like most Roblox games, Grand Piece Online has a range of codes to give you a competitive advantage without the grind.

True Piece

True Piece is the closest thing you’ll get to a Roblox One Piece RPG, and it’s a refreshing change compared to the others on our list.

It has Devil Fruits, of course, along with naval exploration, side quests, and the usual things you’d expect. The combat and systems are much more involved, though, with multiple skills to pick from, a detailed weapon system, and a more complex set of strategies in choosing your ideal Fruits and weapons combos.

Our True Piece codes are a great way to get free cash to buy more equipment.

Last Pirates

Last Pirates is a bit different and focuses on combat at the expense of detailed exploration and character abilities.

Combat is such a focus, there are even designated safe zones in areas around shops to ensure you’re not slaughtered while trying to make a purchase. It’s chaotic in all the right ways, and the selection of Devil Fruit abilities means Last Pirates stays fresh for a long time. Check out our Last Pirates fruit tier list to make sure you're using the best ones.

Image from the title screen of A One Piece Game
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A One Piece Game

The newest game on our list, the imaginatively titled A One Piece Game is also one of the most faithful adaptions out there.

It plays a lot like the other games on this list, with more of a focus on the nautical side as you purchase and upgrade boats, ready for battle. That's on top of all the fruit avalable, which provide handy multipliers to make the grind a little easier. Even better, the game is being updated constantly with new features, and plenty of codes to boot.

That's it for our look at the best One Piece Roblox games. Give them all a try, and we're certain that you'll find an anime-inspired game to keep you busy. Meanwhile, check out our list of the best Roblox horror games if you fancy something scary, or redeem some Pet Simulator X codes for the hit mobile sensation.

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