Last Pirates Fruit Tier List - All Fruits Ranked

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Screenshot from Last Pirates, showing a Roblox character in front of a market stall
April 18, 2022: Since adding the latest Last Pirates fruit, Soru-Soru, to our tier list, we didn't need to make any changes.

You'll want to check out the Last Pirates Fruit tier list before you put too much time into the latest One Piece Roblox fan game. Staying competitive in a game with plenty of PVP elements can be tricky, but the good news is that you don't need to spend much time at all getting the best power ups around. And the tier lists below will help you identify the best.


Our Last Pirates Fruits tier list will run through the 19 fruits currently in the game, ranking them based on rarity and how useful they tend to be throughout the game. For a quick read, we'll also summarise the best Last Pirates fruits further down, so you can get back to actually playing the game.

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Last Pirates Fruit Tier List

Ranking Devil Fruit name
STori-Tori, Goro-Goro, Mochi-Mochi
AMera-Mera, Hie-Hie, Gura-Gura, Magu-Magu, Pika-Pika, Yami-Yami, Zushi-Zushi, Soru-Soru
BBomu-Bomu, Bari-Bari, Suna-Suna, Moku-Moku
CYomi-Yomi, Suke-Suke
DGuru-Guru, Awa-Awa, Fuwa-Fuwa

The following is our ranking of all 19 fruits currently in Last Pirates. It's the official ranking as per the game's vendor, so you can rest assured that those in the S and A tiers are definitely the best in the game. They're designed as such, and no manner of player skill should be able to call the Last Pirates fruit tier list into question.

What Is The Best Last Pirates Fruit?

The best fruits in Last Pirates are Tori-Tori, Goro-Goro, and Mochi-Mochi. That's what the official Last Pirates fruit tier list would suggest, at least.


On the in-game marketplace, these are ranked as the only three mythical fruits, thus making them the most elusive and desirable in the game. Not only are they the hardest to get a hold of, but they come with some useful boosts too. They're the least likely to drop in the random fruit spawns, and also cost the most if you want to buy them straight from the store without waiting.

Of course, you shouldn't rely on the Last Pirates fruit tier list if you're just looking to have a good time. Though the fruits at the top of the list are more likely to have you come out on top in battle, you should ultimately choose whichever fruits are the most appealing to you. If you like playing with something like Bomu-Bomu, stick with it.

Even beyond that, it's generally worth trying out a range of fruits to see which give the boosts that suit you: whether focused on combat, health regen, movement speed, and so on. Trial and error is the best approach here, so you can decide exactly how you want to play Last Pirates. The best fruits will be hard to come by, so you'll need to settle on something further down the tier list before then.

You can buy any fruit from the Last Pirates fruit tier list from the Black Market Dealer by the spawn.

Last Pirates Fruit Costs and Prices

Fruit Rarity Cost (in Robux)
Fuwa FuwaCommon50

As you can probably imagine, Last Pirates fruit costs go up as their rarity increases. Rare fruits cost the least, with Mythicals costing far, far more. If you're open to the idea of spending Robux to get anything high on the Last Pirates fruit tier list, though, just take a look at the prices above and make your way to the Black Marker Dealer by the spawn.


Unlike in other One Piece Roblox games, his stock doesn't rotate. They're all there. So if you have a fruit in mind and don't want to hunt for it, you can buy it here with any Robux you might have going spare.

What Are Last Pirates Fruits?

As with a lot of games based on the One Piece manga and anime, Last Pirates fruits are consumable items that give your character powers. You can only use one fruit at a time, but they'll give you boosts to bolster your attacking potency or movement.

More often than not, getting a fruit involves trial and error, as the game doesn't explain what each fruit does before you grab it. As such, you'll need to take a fruit, see how it works, and rinse and repeat. Read on to find out how to actually get them.

How Do I Get More Last Pirates Fruits?

There are two main ways to get new fruits in Last Pirates; one involving luck, and one involving Robux. Normally, new fruits will drop every hour and respawn every 15 minutes, so you can wait around for them to spawn across the world, but you'll need to be lucky to find them in their random location before someone else does.


If you prefer to know exactly which fruit you're getting - as well as choosing when you procure it - then you can head to the Black Market Dealer. Their stall is located in the first safe zone you encounter straight after spawning in, and you can purchase all the fruits from them. However, they cost Robux, and as such constitute real-life money. If you want to get fruits on-demand, that's the only way, but beware that real cash is at stake.

That's it for our Last Pirates fruits tier list! We've ranked all the 19 fruits available in the newly-released game, as well as going through the best ones, and how to get even more. As the game grows in popularity, expect even more new fruits to arrive and bolster the experience, so stay tuned for updated rankings when that happens!