Anime Tales Codes - Free Roblox Rewards

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Screenshot from Anime Tales, showing a Roblox character conjuring a blue spell
January 10, 2022: We checked for new Anime Tales codes, but there weren't any.

In the Roblox sphere, Anime Tales codes will soon be in high demand. We say "will soon be" because they don't yet exist, as the game's release date is still a while off. This upcoming title from the wildly popular YouTuber Kelvingts is all about combat, with tense PvP battles at its core. As such, you'll want all the free bonuses you can get if you're to remain competitive.

Our Anime Tales codes guide will compile all of the freebies you could hope for, as well as details on how to redeem them. So keep this page bookmarked for all the latest on Anime Tales and its incoming codes.

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Screenshot from Anime Tales, showing two Roblox characters in front of a skull decoration
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All Working Anime Tales Codes

Since Anime Tales has yet to launch, there aren't any codes available just left. The game is still in development, so it doesn't even have a Roblox game page yet. As such, we'll have to wait for the first batch of Anime Tales codes, which will hopefully arrive around launch time. This list was last updated on January 10, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • There are no expired codes right now, as Anime Tales isn't publicly available.

What Are Anime Tales Codes?

As with a lot of games on the Roblox platform, Anime Tales codes will likely give you access to plenty of free in-game items. Generally speaking, that includes currency, like coins or diamonds. Since Anime Tales isn't out yet, it's hard to say exactly what those free boosts will be. However, we'll be sure to update our guide the second the game goes live, and we know a little more about what the codes will actually give you.

How Do I Use Anime Tales Codes?

Again, since the game isn't out yet, we don't have the exact details on how to redeem your Anime Tales codes and get the freebies they offer. However, we can lay out a standard code redemption method found in countless other Roblox games.

  • Boot up Anime Tales codes, either through the official game page or via the Roblox app
  • Once you're in a lobby, look out for the blue Twitter logo in one of the corners of the screen
  • Hit this button, then a text box should pop up. Select a code from our Anime Tales code list, then paste it into the text box. Then hit redeem
  • If the code is valid and working, you'll get a message detailing your new acquisition. Enjoy!

How Do I Get More Anime Tales Codes?

As an in-development Roblox game, you can guarantee that plenty more Anime Tales codes will land in the near future. Therefore, we've compiled a few useful places to regularly check for more freebies in the future. First, it's a good idea to follow the official Anime Tales Twitter account, as all the latest updates on the game's development and release plans are over there.

Equally, you should definitely subscribe to the game's owner, Kelvingts, on YouTube. Since his connection to Anime Tales is one of its main selling points, you can guarantee that the latest information will be available on his channel when launch rolls around. Finally, there's an extensive Discord server dedicated to the game, so you should join and keep an eye on any code drops from the developers.

When Is the Anime Tales Release Date?

Sadly, we don't yet have a release date for Anime Tales. Based on current updates from the development team, it seems like it is nearing the beta testing stage. The team has recently called out for help to put the finishing touches on the game's UI, meaning it shouldn't be long until we hear more.

However, given the current trajectory, it seems unlikely that Anime Tales will come out until early 2022. The official line is still that the release date is to be determined, so we'll have to sit tight and see for now.