Anime Tales codes - Free rewards for launch

Screenshot from Anime Tales, showing a Roblox character conjuring a blue spell

Screenshot from Anime Tales, showing a Roblox character conjuring a blue spell
September 7, 2023: We checked for the latest working Anime Tales codes. You can get them below.

In the Roblox sphere, Anime Tales codes are in high demand - as expected. This long-anticipated title from the wildly popular YouTuber Kelvingts is all about combat, with tense PvP battles at its core. As such, you'll want all the free bonuses you can get to remain competitive.

Our Anime Tales codes guide will compile all of the freebies you could hope for and details on how to redeem them.

So keep this page bookmarked for all the latest on Anime Tales and its upcoming code drops.

Working Anime Tales codes (September 2023)

The following codes are working in Anime Tales right now:

  • Statrevamp - 500 gems, 1.5x training, 50 Son of Karma
  • world2 - 250 gems, 5 Transmute Stones, 1.5x training, 20 Son of Karma
  • APOLOGIES - 250 gems, invincibility for 30 minutes, 5 Transmute Stones
  • updatepls - 100 gems, 1.5x training for one hour, Transmute Stone
  • UPDATE2 - 100 gems, 1.5x training for 30 minutes, invincibility for 30 minutes
  • 10KBLUEBIRD - 100 gems, 1.5x training for 30 minutes, Transmute Stone
  • 10KLIKES - 35 gems, 350 coins, 1.5 training for 15 minutes

Expired codes

  • devilfruits
  • daily4bxp
  • morefix
  • Dysche
  • TY1M
The steps for redeeming codes for Anime Tales.
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How do I use Anime Tales codes?

  • Launch Anime Tales on Roblox.
  • Hit the Menu button on the right (you may need to hide the leaderboard using TAB to see it)
  • Hit the Codes menu option on the left
  • Enter one Anime Tales code

What are Anime Tales codes?

As with a lot of games on the Roblox platform, Anime Tales codes give you access to plenty of free in-game items. Generally speaking, that includes currency, like coins or diamonds, and shards for gacha characters.

How do I get more Anime Tales codes?

Anime Tales codes are released on the following developer-supported social platforms:

Finally, there's an extensive Discord server dedicated to the game, so you should join and keep an eye on any code drops from the developers. Check out what we know here for the Anime Tales Trello link.

Of course, we've also got plenty of other code guides for the Roblox platform for you to check out. Why not start by going to our updated Shindo Life codes list, or our Anime Fighting Simulator codes for something else anime-based? Outside of Roblox, our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes might come in handy, too.

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