Anime Tales Trello link - Tips and game details

Anime Tales room

Anime Tales room
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The Anime Tales Trello link lets you get access to the latest information of the famous Roblox game. If you're looking forward to playing Anime Tales but want to do some prep first, this is the perfect way of doing so. Here is the Trello link and what it is used for.

Anime Tales is a Roblox action anime game focused on combat across huge worlds. It pays homage to many of the biggest anime with skins, moves, NPCs, and more. It had been in development for some time, which points to a pretty huge launch.

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What is the Anime Tales Trello Link?

The Anime Tales Trello is pretty straightforward to access. You can acquire it from here. If this link ever expires, check out their Twitter page right here. They tend to keep players and viewers up-to-date on all the latest happenings, so it's a great way of getting the most recent information.

This will be used to update players on what is in the game, and what is to come next. It will be generally used as a hub for everything you can find in the game.

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What's in the Anime Tales Trello link?

The Anime Tales Trello is filled with information about the game, from tips to start training and levelling up your character to the NPCs you'll find as you play. The categories it has are:

  • General
  • NPCs
  • Character Skins
  • Powers
  • Inventory
  • Accessories
  • Map
  • Bosses

This will tell you what you should know about everything there, including what things look like, how much health they have, and so much more.

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