Anime Tales Discord link - how to get access and support

Roblox Anime Tales landscape

Roblox Anime Tales landscape
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The Anime Tales Discord link should help you out if you're looking for a strong community about one of the most anticipated Roblox games. If you are looking for it, this is everything we know so far.

With a pretty stringent verification system, it can be a little hard to get in there. As well as giving a link, we go through how to access support, and what we know about the server so far.

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Where is the Anime Tales Discord link?

You can access the Anime Tales Discord link through the game page, Twitter, and YouTube account. They tend to link it fairly often, in an attempt to set up a proper community. If you want to get in there, just click on this link.

You want to make sure you have the Discord app installed on your phone, tablet, PC, or whatever device you are using. As well as this, make an account before trying to join.

How do I access the Anime Tales Discord?

Just in case the Anime Tales Discord link expires and you need a new one, check out for a link over on the Twitter page.

The Anime Tales YouTube account also posts a link to the link with every video and you can find it in the about section of the page.

How to talk in the Anime Tales Discord

Once you have joined the Discord group, you need to complete a verification process. This will allow you to access other sections of the server. Once you get into the server, you should see a section named "verification-instructions". This will take you through all the steps to use the server.

If these steps are unavailable or you get lost, we'll take you through how to do it now. Go into the section named "double-counter" and scroll to the top. From here, click the green "verify" button. You will then be able to click through to the Double Counter site to verify your account.

After this, you have to verify your account through Rover, a similar system that sends you into a Roblox match to verify it is your account. Alternatively, you can put a code in your bio on the Roblox site to verify yourself. Once all of this is done, you can finally access the Discord server.

Getting Anime Tales Discord support

There are a few major ways to get support in the Anime Tales Discord server. First, there are tonnes of text channels for reporting problems like bug reports, exploit reports, and discussions. There are also a handful of very active community managers with open DMs, like StephMakesTyposV.

They have encouraged people to reach out if anyone needs support. As well as this, the community themselves will answer your questions if you have them.

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