Anime Dimensions Simulator codes (February 2024)

Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator

Roblox Anime Dimensions Simulator
February 8, 2024 - We've added a new Anime Dimensions Simulator code.

Anime Dimensions Simulator codes in Roblox will give you special rewards, boosts and some brand-new customisation options. With so much to do, you may want to use as many codes as possible to get your character upgraded and tough.

If you're just starting out and looking to catch up with all those high-level players, codes are the best way to do so. They should give you a healthy boost to get in there and level up.

Looking for more Roblox codes? If you're a fan of Demon Slayer, check out our Demonfall codes and Slayers Unleashed codes. If you're more of a fan of Naruto, maybe our Shindo Life codes will sort you out. If you like anime but not those we've mentioned, maybe All Star Tower Defense codes will work.

New Anime Dimensions Simulator codes (February 2024)

Here are all the working Anime Dimensions Simulator codes as of 12 January 2024.

  • 1PA8ST4A – 100 gems, 75 raid tokens, and all boosts
  • W1OLF8MAN3 – 100 gems, 75 raid tokens, and all boosts
  • CURSE – 200 gems, 100 raid tokens, and all boosts
  • HE1AT8WAVE1 - 100 Gems, 75 Raid Tokens, plus boosts
  • F1RU8I2T - 100 Gems, 75 Raid Tokens, plus boosts (New)
  • S1HA8DO0W - 100 Gems, 75 Raid Tokens, plus boosts
  • 1SPE7ED9 - 100 Gems, 75 Raid Tokens, plus boosts

Expired codes:

  • GIFT2023
  • D1AIM78YO
  • LU1CK7Y6
  • DARK
  • 1BAK7UBR10
  • S1CARL67ET
  • U16TA4
  • ESPER163
  • C17OSMIC0
  • KU16NAI9
  • CR1MS6O8N
  • A166KANE
  • 1TOR65RO
  • IJO74TO
  • STAR
  • 2YEARS
  • U16TA4
  • ESPER163
  • LOVE
  • 1TEN6GU2
  • 16RE1D
  • 15VI9O
  • WO1R58LD
  • 1TO57NJURO
  • 1WA5TE6R
  • MIST
  • YOR60
  • WANO
  • 1SLAYER5
  • SUN
  • 1BATTLE4
  • 1YZENS3
  • C1URS52ED
  • SA1G5E1
  • GIFT
  • MO1NA2RC9H
  • M1OC3HOI
  • BA131KUBRO
  • 1CY3B02RG
  • SH133LD
  • AK1U3MA4
  • ALTER123
  • REAP1E24R
  • 11BESTB8OY
  • H11ANA9
  • ITABO120RI
  • 1NIL1IN6
  • PETS
  • 1PASTA11
  • 1SUS12KY
  • R1O1K3IA
  • C1HU1U5NI
  • 970COMBAT
  • ESDEAF960
  • 950SUNG
  • GEAR5
  • 920KC00DE
  • 100KTOAMIL
  • 890KC0DE
  • 88880K
  • 940NOJO
  • 093000
  • 92000
  • HALF850K
  • 840K840
  • 890KCODE
  • 840K840
  • 800KTHANKS
  • 400MV
  • PETS2
An infographic showing how to redeem Anime Dimensions Simulator codes in-game.
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How do I redeem codes in Anime Dimensions Simulator?

  • Launch Anime Dimensions Simulator
  • Tap or click the Twitter (bird) icon on the left menu
  • Enter your Anime Dimensions Simulator codes
  • Tap or click the "GO" button

Using the latest Anime Dimensions Simulator codes really couldn't be easier. You're good to go as soon as you drop into the main Anime Dimensions hub (with the central tower, leaderboards, and portals).

Just follow the steps above and you'll activate the rewards from each Anime Dimensions Simulator code as soon as you correctly enter them. Any that have already been redeemed or have expired will not work, but you will get a handy message to tell you why.

Do the Anime Dimensions Simulator codes activate straight away?

Yes and no. The rewards activate immediately as soon as you redeem Anime Dimensions codes, but they don't start to tick down until they're actually needed.

While you can't redeem every code at once and store the 2x gold, gem, and EXP buffs for exactly when you need them, you won't have to jump into a level as soon as you claim them.

The timers on Anime Dimensions code rewards will only start to tick down when you're in a position to earn gems, gold, and EXP. They'll only start to tick down when you enter a zone with enemies to defeat, for example.

The active and upcoming Anime Dimensions Simulator codes screen in Roblox.
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Why are my Anime Dimensions Simulator codes not working?

It may simply be a case of trying to redeem a code that has since expired. Be sure to check back on this page regularly, as we'll update our list with any new codes we can get our hands on. We'll also confirm any codes that have expired, so you know which ones are worth your time.

Do Anime Dimensions Simulator rewards stack?

Anime Dimensions Simulator codes stack rewards on top of another when used in sequence. As the timers on things like 2x EXP and 2x drops only begin counting down during a stage, it's possible to lengthen the timers by using multiple codes before heading in.

This ultimately won't really make a difference to how you play, but it does mean you can grind the same stage for potentially up to an hour just by redeeming a bunch of codes and hitting the 'Retry' button at the end of each run. You won't have to keep exiting back to the main hub to redeem more codes. Handy!

How do I play Anime Dimensions Simulator?

To play and use the latest Anime Dimensions Simulator codes yourself, all you need to do is make a Roblox account, sign in to it, and hit the 'Play' button on the Anime Dimensions Simulator page on the main Roblox site. If the link doesn't work, just type the game name into the Roblox search bar. It should be the first result.

And that's about it for Anime Dimensions Simulator codes right now. New codes arrive regularly, making it one of the more generous Roblox games out there. For other code-heavy games, A One Piece Game codes are worth looking out for, as well as the newest offering, Haze Piece. We have a full list of Haze Piece codes, as well as a Haze Piece fruit tier list, and a Haze Piece weapons tier list.

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