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Anime Fighting Simulator X tier list - Best Champions, Stands, Mounts, and Bosses

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A group of Roblox characters in Anime Fighting Simulator X.
August 9, 2023: We've added a preliminary Devil Fruit tier list to the mix.

With a multitude of different systems and mechanics all running in tandem, figuring out what to do in AFSX on Roblox can be troublesome. We've pieced together the below Anime Fighting Simulator X tier list, multiple, in fact, to make things a little easier. By referencing it as you play, you'll gain a better understanding of how best to spend your time, clicks, and Chikara.

Between bosses with powerful accessories, mounts that can cost a pretty penny, and Champions that rotate in and out of availability, it quite literally pays to keep tabs on the best of the best. That way you're not wasting your time and resources on the things that just aren't quite as good.

AFSX Champion tier list

Tier Champion
SNavi, Boro, Sage Naruto, Brule, Quake
APain, Dracula, Cell, Remu, Itachi
BDark Swordsman, Sword Maji, Kazashu, Fire Fist
CTrafalgar, Super Son, Gora,
FPickle, Saskae, Zora, Sunjo, Son, Vegita

Right now, we're ranking each AFSX Champion purely off their apparent rarity. The harder they are to obtain, the stronger they're assumed to be.

It'll take a little bit more testing to work things out further. In reality, the best Champion will be the one that strikes a balance between rarity and strength. At the moment, Mada appears to be the best of the best. Consider it S+ until stated otherwise.

If you need some extra Chikara for the job, we've already broken down all the ways you can get free Chikara in AFSX. The latest Anime Fighting Simulator X codes can do that, too.

A low-ranking Stand in AFSX.
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AFSX Stands tier list

Tier Stand
SMagician's Red
AThe World, Star Platinum
CStar Chariot
FThe Hand

Because there are so few of them in the game right now, we're able to rank the AFSX Stands appropriately, balancing them between rarity and useability. For more information, check out our guide on how to get Stands in Anime Fighting Simulator X.

The Bike mount in AFSX on Roblox.
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AFSX Mounts tier list

Tier Mount
SDragon, Happy
AFriezy's Pod, Flying Nimbus, Capsule Bike
BSkateboard, Bike

Similar to the above, we've ranked the AFSX mounts in a way that strikes a balance between how hard they are to get, and their general useability. The best mount is the one you have, after all.

In this case, while the Dragon wins out for being the fastest overall, its paid nature means the Happy, which can be had by essentially gaming the system or being popular, can do everything it can, but without the cost. It's just more of a process.

Not far beneath are the free mounts. They can't fly, and they're not particularly fast, but they're quick and easy to get.

A boss in AFSX on Roblox.
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AFSX Boss tier list

Tier Boss
SHand Demon
AArlong, Armored Titan, Friezy
BMonkey, Pain

With the Anime Fighting Simulator X bosses, we've broken them down into the best general enemies to seek out, using their average Yen rewards, accessories, mounts, difficulty, and more to outline which is the best of the bunch.

If you're too high a level to get much from the highest tier boss, don't worry about it. We're just showcasing the best overall, with the Hand Demon's powerful accessory, currency drops, and low level making it great for getting new characters off on an accelerated road.


AFSX Devil Fruit tier list

Tier Fruit
BThunder, Rubber

With just a handful of AFSX Devil Fruits in the game right now, it's hard to really judge one over the other. Even still, there is a standout option as far as the playerbase is concerned. Just don't be surprised to see the focus shift to another as the game matures.

And that's your lot. For more Roblox content, check out the latest GPO codes, Project Slayers codes, or Blox Fruits codes for show-specific games with plenty of freebies. Arm Wrestle Simulator codes and IQ Wars Simulator codes are proving popular over the summer, too.

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