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How to get free Anime Fighting Simulator X Chikara (August 2023)

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The Chikara counter in Anime Fighting Simulator X.

Though you could claim clicking to be the real currency of the Roblox AFSX game, we all know that gacha is what really matters. That's why we're going to show you how to get free Chikara in Anime Fighting Simulator X instead. You're only as strong as your best Champion, and the more gems you have to spend, the higher your chances are of getting the best of the best.

All that clicking is good for a couple of things: grinding Strength, Durability, Speed, and Chakra. But what are you doing all that training for? To earn enough Chikara to pull for more units. By mastering the ways to get free Chikara, you'll minimise your need to click quite so much.

How to get free Chikara in Anime Fighting Simulator X

If you're in need of more pulls, rest easy. There are a bunch of hidden ways to get free Chikara in Anime Fighting Simulator X that you may have missed.

The game is good at showing you the ropes of training and beating up bandits, but it glosses over how to quickly acquire the currencies used to boost your performance. Yen may be great for the multiplier bonuses, but it's Chikara pulls that really get the blood pumping.

Daily Rewards are a great source of free AFSX Chikara.
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Daily rewards

When you spawn into the main plaza, turn away from Boom and head toward the staircase leading down into the town. On your right before you turn to go down, you should spot a sign. Click it to gain access to Daily Rewards.

By completing the objectives listed on the board, you'll work your way up to some solid Chikara rewards. As the name suggests, these reset each day. Keep checking back to maximise your free Chikara gain in AFSX.


Hidden away in the top-left corner of the UI is a tiny little ASFX achievements menu. Plenty of these are easy to accomplish through general play, so just look out for the "!" icon wiggling beneath it. Almost every mission gives free Chikara. with some even giving timed boosts to accelerate your way to even more rewards. Neat!

Participating in boss fights can get you free AFSX Chikara easily.
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Though much harder to tick off the list than the above methods, killing bosses can be a great way to get free Chikara in AFSX.

If you can't beat open world enemies with the help of our boss locations list, consider joining a busy server and hopping into arena fights. So long as the rest of the people in your lobby kill the boss, it won't matter if you die—you'll still get the reward. Check that link there to see how much you could get with each kill.

Hourly Chikara redeem

You can claim 1000 free Chikara in AFSX every hour simply by opening up the shop screen. So log in, tap the card icon on the left, scroll down to the Chikara bundles, and claim the very first one for 79 Robux worth of Chikara every hour for free.

Use AFSX codes

The easiest way to get mountains of Chikara as soon as you start playing is by redeeming Anime Fighting Simulator X codes. More codes arrive all the time, and though some do expire, you'll usually find at least six working codes to redeem for free Chikara if you haven't already. Just click that link to get started.

What is Chikara in AFSX?

Chikara is the primary currency used to perform gacha pulls in Anime Fighting Simulator.

The Champion Pod where Chikara is used in AFSX on Roblox.
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How do I use AFSX Chikara?

To use the Chikara you have on hand, just head to the spawn plaza and toward the Torii Gate area ahead of the Boom NPC. Between the Naturo, Goku, and Luffy characters, you'll see a pod on a chair. Stand in the visible ring around it and hold E on your keyboard to use your Chikara.

How much Chikara do I need?


You'll need 1k Chikara for every pull you trigger at the Champion Pod. There's no way to spend more than that in a single go, so you're limited to single pulls for now, burning through 1k Chikara each time.

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