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How to get Stands in Anime Fighting Simulator X

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A Roblox knight in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Ripped right out of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, knowing how to get Stands in Anime Fighting Simulator X won't change your Roblox game massively, but it will give you another brooding body to stand by your side. Of course, there are combat benefits to having an apparition blaze a trail alongside you. They're just not the most powerful things out there bar the usual suspects.

Because we've seen it asked around a lot in the launch period, we're going to go over where to find AFSX Stands, how to use them, and which ones to look out for. Again, they're not absolutely essential. They're just an aspect the game doesn't outwardly explain all too well. You might miss them, and we don't want that.

How to get Stands in Anime Fighting Simulator X

So long as you have Chikara shard to spend, you have the means to get a Stand (or two) in Anime Fighting Simulator. If not, check out our extensive run-down of how to get free Chikara Shards in Anime Fighting Simulator X first.

The Stand machine manned by Jota in Anime Fighting Simulator X.
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Once you have at least 5k Chikara, you're all set to roll for an elusive AFSX Stand. From the spawn plaza, turn your back to Boom, walk forwards, and head down the stairs on your left.

At the bottom of the staircase, take a sharp right. You should spot a curious machine and a potentially familiar man in a hat. That's Jota.

To pull for Stand, just get close to the machine by his side. Once the button prompt shows up, press it spend 5k Chikara and obtain a Stand at random. At launch, there are only five different Stands to obtain from the pod, with chances ranging from 41.5% all the way down to a measly 0.2%.

AFSX Stands odds

Here are the chances of you getting a particular Stand with each pull in AFSX

  • The World (0.2%)
  • Star Platinum (1.1%)
  • Magician's Red (21.3%)
  • Silver Chariot (35.6%)
  • The Hand (41.5%)
How to equip and use Stands in Anime Fighting Simulator X.
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How do I use Stands in AFSX?

Once you've acquired a Stand, you'll need to equip it. Rather than a Champion, which is always active when equipped, you'll need to enable a Stand. Just tap into your inventory, then onto the Specials tab. Equip your Stand of choice, close the windown, and open the Specials window above the Inventory button.

From that screen, you should now see your equipped Stand, its level and experience, attacks, and a number. That's the assigned button you'll use to call it out. You're free to change it here, but by default on PC, it should be set to 5.

With all that done, you're good to summon your AFSX Stand by tapping the assigned button. So, left on the default setting, tapping 5 will call it out.

What do Stands do in AFSX?

When they're standing by your side (get it?) Stands enable the use of skills on top of your character's own. You'll see the attacks appear above your own on the right side of the screen. For example, Silver Chariot grants access to the Multi Slash ability that's tied to the Z button.

Stands can gain access to a total of four different skills. These are typically unlocked when they reach level 10, 20, and 40 respectively. You can check their EXP total from the Specials menu.


What's the best Stand in Anime Fighting Simulator X?

If you're serious about spending so much Chikara on getting a Stand, you'll want to know which to aim for, and when to stop.

In terms of rarity, The World and Star Platinum are obviously worth their cost. But they're not worth your time. If you manage to get Star Platinum, that's great. It just isn't reasonable to keep spending for The World.

Instead, aim for the middle ground. Get Magician's Red and move on if you're not already rocking the best Champion for whatever it is you're doing.

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