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Anime Fighting Simulator X Devil Fruits - All Fruits, spawn locations, and timings

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A powerful anime character surrounded by lush greenery, preparing for an epic battle in Anime Fighting Simulator X Devil Fruits.

As is the case with any Roblox game they're present in, Anime Fighting Simulator X devil fruits have the potential to be the strongest aspect of your build. Whether you're grinding power, taking on bosses, or beating up other players in PVP areas, securing yourself a solid devil fruit in AFSX is sure to make a difference.

With so many intertwining mechanics already in the game, knowing devil fruits exist, never mind what they do, isn't immediately obvious. Down below, we'll answer some common questions about them; including how many devil fruits there are, how to equip or change them, what they do, and where and when they spawn for collection.

When do Devil Fruits spawn in Anime Fighting Simulator X?

The exact timings for Devil Fruit spawns in AFSX isn't something you should be thinking about. They're completely random. Unlike some other games they feature in, which have them on strict timers, this game has them spawn at completely random times. You can't predict them.

That being said, players have collected enough data to suggest they could spawn around every 30-45 minutes on average. So if you know when one last spawned on your server, you can take a decent guess as to how long you can step away before coming back to find the next. Just be careful of the 20-minute AFK boot.

Where do Devil Fruits spawn in Anime Fighting Simulator X?

Similar to the deal with their timings, there's no set Devil Fruit spawn location in AFSX. Where and when they turn up is completely random. They can be on any island, too, which means anyone without a flying mount won't even be able to check the whole map whenever one drops.

What Devil Fruits are in AFSX?

The following Devil Fruits can be found in AFSX right now. There names may not match their in-game counterparts:

  • Rubber
  • Thunder
  • Quake
  • Magma/Flame
  • Chop

We've ranked all of the above in our Anime Fighting Simulator X tier list.

Silver Hair offers to reset Devil Fruits in AFSX.
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How do I reset my AFSX Devil Fruit?

If you're not happy with your choice of Devil Fruit, you'll need to track down Silver Hair. You'll find this particular NPC behind the gym on the edge of the main island's city buildings.

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