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Anime Fighting Simulator mounts - All AFSX mounts and how to get them

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A screenshot of an Anime Fighting Simulator character riding a bike mount in a vibrant park setting, with a TV screen displaying the game interface in the background.

Improving on the original Roblox game, Anime Fighting Simulator X mounts exist to not only get you around its large world, but to run you around the place in style. At launch, there are at least half a dozen to find and collect. And you'd be wrong to think they'd charge you Robux for the privilege.

In an effort to help you out, we've pieced together the ultimate ASFX mounts guide, showing you how to get them, where to find who they might drop from, rough chances of obtaining them and, most importantly, how to get free mounts. We'll even attempt to figure out which ones are the fastest for the trouble. A mount tier list, if you will.

Anime Fighting Simulator X mounts

Here's a look at how to get every AFSX mount in the game:

The free bike mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X.
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The first AFSX mount you're able to get with reasonably little effort is the simple Bike. It's a pedal bike whereas others are more like motorbikes. So while this won't scratch the style itch, it'll get you around faster than on foot. It's also good as a callback to GTA Vice City if you're old enough to remember that gem.

To get the Bike, just complete enough of Boom's introduction quests in the spawn plaza. He'll make you train your Speed at some point, then tell you there's an easier way to get around. That's when he gives you the bike.

Happy Mount

If you're a popular one, the Happy mount might be the easiest, fastest mount you can get your hands on. For this, you need to invite ten other people to play the game for the first time. If you try hard enough, you could get away with making duplicate accounts. We didn't tell you that...

To get started, just tap the little person icon in the top-left area of the screen. Tap the green "Invite" button to load up your friend list, and invite your buddies through it. If ten boot up the game, you'll be able to claim the Happy Mount from the same screen.

The Capsule Bike mount in AFSX.
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Capsule Bike

For a quicker, cooler bike to jet across ASFX with, look for Golden Chests scattered around the world. If you're lucky enough to find one, you'll stand a chance of looting the rare Capsule Bike. It's a long hovercycle that's sure to stand out in a crowd.

Flying Nimbus

Want to feel like you're on cloud nine? No, not part of Cloud9. That's a whole other thing. If so, you'll want to seek out the Flying Nimbus. This iconic Dragon Ball mount is a rare reward. Defeat the Monkey boss for a slim chance of obtaining it.

If you want to give a good look before making an attempt, just look to Goku standing above the Champion gacha portal. He's riding it.


Another boss drop, the AFSX frog mount is a potential reward for defeating the powerful Shukaka boss. If you see this one coming up on the rotation, stand by the summoning bell and get yourself ready for a rough ride.

The skateboard mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X.
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Though certainly not the fastest, the AFSX skateboard mount could be a more personal approach to the initial bike mount if you're more Tony Hawk than Dave Mirra of Mat Hoffman. Don't know who they are? Don't worry about it, kid. Just wear a helmet.

Back on track, the Skateboard mount is a potential reward from Krilla. You'll find him leaning against a wall in town just before the bridge leading to Cell Arena. Just keep completing his quests to get your hands on this sweet rolling ride. Just don't be surprised to hear there's a bit of PvP involved.

Friezy's Mount

This iconic little space pod is, as you might have guessed, a potential drop from the Friezy boss battle. The more tiers you manage to clear, the better your chances will be of seeing this land in your inventory at the end of the timer. Friezy can also spawn in the overworld.


Don't want to work for a single mount? Want to flash the truth that you don't need to try too hard for anything in life? If you'd rather save your time at the cost of your money, you can get the ultra-fast flying AFSX dragon mount by simply opening up your wallet.

How do I get on my mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X?


Once you've obtained a mount in AFSX, you need to equip it before you can use it. Go into your Inventory, then the Mount tab, and click the mount you want to enable.

With that set, either tap the the CTRL key on your keyboard, or look for the button that looks like an upside down letter U on mobile/tablet. That'll get you on your enabled AFSX mount.

With that, you should know how to get every AFSX mount available right now. Like we said, some can be had for free with little effort, but you'll either have to get powerful (and lucky) enough to get a boss drop, or pay for the privilege of getting a fast flying mount if you can't manage that. If you need any more Chikara for pulls, check out our AFSX codes page for a bunch of free redeemables.

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