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Arm Wrestle Simulator codes (September 2023) - Free wins and spins

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Two Roblox characters arm wrestling in Arm Wrestle Simulator.
September 20, 2023: We've added a new Arm Wrestle Simulator code.

Looking for Arm Wrestle Simulator codes? This intense new Roblox sim game is taking the platform by storm, so it's no surprise that fans are already on the hunt for codes. It's a great way to boost your stats and get extra items, after all!

In this guide, we'll run through all the active Arm Wrestle Simulator codes you can redeem right now, alongside instructions on the code redemption process. On top of that, we'll also break down where you can check for more Arm Wrestle Simulator codes in the future.

New Arm Wrestle Simulator codes (September 2023)

  • bigupdatesoon
  • greek
  • 200m
  • enchant
  • pinksandcastle
  • Leagues
  • secret
  • noob - Free spin
  • knighty - 3 wins
  • axel - 50 wins
  • release - Free spin

Expired codes:

  • No expired Arm Wrestle Simulator codes yet.
The code redemption screen in Arm Wrestle Simulator.
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How do I use Arm Wrestle Simulator codes?

The code redemption process for Arm Wrestle Simulator is incredibly straightforward. Even better, it's the same deal on mobile and PC. Here's what to do:

  • Load up Arm Wrestle Simulator by using the Roblox game page.
  • Once you're in a lobby, look for the small Codes button to the right of the screen.
  • Paste in a code from our list and hit Redeem.
  • Check out your inventory to see all the freebies you've unlocked!

What are Arm Wrestle Simulator codes?

As with most Roblox games, Arm Wrestle Simulator codes are free coupons used to get extra in-game items. So far, they provide access to extra wins, which are the main levelling currency in the game, and free spins. Spins are the equivalent to gacha rolls, with free wins and stat boosts up for grabs.

Therefore, you can redeem these Arm Wrestle Simulator codes to help level up faster, while also adding extra wins to your profile. You'll unlock the next world much quicker once you redeem them!

How do I get more Arm Wrestle Simulator codes?

Since the game was only very recently released by Kubo Games, we anticipate lots more Arm Wrestle Simulator codes landing in the near future. As such, we've linked a few places where you can find codes, ensuring you never miss a freebie.

First and foremost, you'll want to join the official Kubo Games Discord server. When you register it'll ask you which games you're interested in, so ensure you tick Arm Wrestle Simulator. Then keep an eye on the announcements channel, and you won't miss a code. There's also a Twitter page you can follow, if you use that social platform.

How do I play Arm Wrestle Simulator? - Game page link

Of course, you'll also need the Arm Wrestle Simulator game page if you're going to redeem these codes. We've got it linked right here for you:

Click here for the Arm Wrestle Simulator Roblox game page.


What is in the latest Arm Wrestle Simulator update?

The most recent update to Arm Wrestle Simulator arrived on June 28, 2023. Here's what it changed:

  • Limited Time Egg Event
  • x8 Hatching
  • Beach Equipment Buffs
  • Index Machine for free inventory and free boosts

That's it for our look at Arm Wrestle Simulator codes! For more Roblox codes like this, you can check out the newest GPO codes, as well as Project Slayers codes and My Coffee Shop codes.

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