Does PS5 Have Quick Resume?

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Strictly speaking, the PS5 does not have a quick resume feature. At least not in the same way as Xbox Series X does that is.

Quick Resume has become a popular new feature for many next-gen console buyers in recent months; as both Sony and Microsoft have battled to be known as the console which can get you into your games in the fastest time possible.


As per Xbox, 'Quick Resume' essentially allows players to jump back into their games from exactly where they left off.

To give you a better piece of insight into how it works Microsoft’s Larry Hryb revealed in a podcast recently that he once had a reboot and a system update and then jumped straight back into his game exactly where he last left it.

Having played around with the PS5 for over a week now, we can comfortably say that PS5 does not have 'Quick Resume' in the same way as Xbox Series X does.

But it does have some similar features on PlayStation 5 that at least gets you halfway there; It's just not as refined as the Xbox equivalent.

PS5 Switcher

The closest players get to a 'Quick Resume' feature on PS5 is the new 'Switcher' option found in the control centre.

This remembers your most recent games and apps and allows you to 'switch' in and out on the fly without having to go back to the main PS5 menu.


That being said, it still requires a 'cold boot' of the game.

Admittedly, the speed of the PS5 SSD is no slouch and means you're not exactly waiting around for long.

But it's still not the same as using the Xbox Series X and its own quick resume features.

Equally, when players put their console into rest mode, players can jump straight back to where they left off from the game they were last playing.

But again, a full restart will mean a cold reboot of any game.

It's possible that in the future Sony could look to add more features like this with console software updates, but for now, we suspect they'll be happy enough with the speed of their SSD.

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