PS5: How to view friends list?

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How To View Friends List On PS5?

To find out who's online whilst playing your PS5, follow the below steps

1 - Go to your PS5 control centre, which you access from pressing the PlayStation logo on your DualSense controller.

2 - From the PS5 control centre menu, scroll right until you find the 'Game Base' option. It will have a logo that shows a small outline of a person.

3 - Clicking the Game Base option should bring up a list of your recent parties and friends who are currently online. You should also be able to see a list of your friends who are online, but set to 'busy'.

4 - To see a list of ALL your friends regardless of whether they're online or not, select the 'View All Friends' option, which should bring up a list of your friends in a tile format.

PS5 Friend List Features

Whilst looking at your list of friends you should be able to see the following details -

Profile Picture or Avatar - Profile pictures are only displayed if you're close friends with a player. Otherwise, their avatar is displayed.

• Online Status - From here you can see which friends are online or busy.

• Real name or Online ID - Once again, if you're close friends you'll see a players real name displayed. Otherwise you'll only see their online ID.

• A verified tick symbol will appear if the person has been verified by PlayStation.

• A PlayStation Plus symbol will appear if the player has PS Plus. This means you can play online games with them and enjoy features like share play.

• Current Game and console/device - You'll be able to see what your friends are playing and what console they're using, be it PS4 or PS5.

• If one of your friends is offline, you'll see when they were last online.

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