PS5: How to Link Your Spotify Account?

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Although it's great playing games, it's even better if you link your social media accounts so you can expand your PlayStation experience and share with your friends what you're up to.

By linking your social media accounts, players can use a streaming service to live stream gameplay, share their favourite video clips and screenshots or simply enjoy media services directly on the PS5 console.


For the sake of this page, we're looking at how to link a Spotify account on the PS5. But if you want any more help, there's a full guide further down with links to plenty more tips and tricks.

How To Link Your Spotify Account On PS5?

Fancy listening to some of your favourite music or podcasts whilst playing on the PS5? No problem, just follow the steps below to link your account to your new PS5 console.

1 - Starting from your home screen, go to the settings menu. This can be found by clicking on the small cog in the top right corner.

2 - In the settings menu, navigate down until you reach the 'Users and Accounts' tab. 

3 - Within 'Users and Accounts', navigate down until you reach the 'Link with Other Services' tab.

4 - Once you hover over 'Link with Other Services' you should be presented with four services you can link with your PS5. This includes 'Spotify', 'Twitch', 'Twitter', and 'YouTube'.


5 - In this scenario, we want Spotify. So hover over the Spotifyoption and click the X button.

6 - Following this, players will be presented with info about how the service works and what the limitations are. Once you're happy proceeding, click 'Link Account' and follow the sign-in instructions on the next page.

7 - Players will now have three options to sign in on Spotify. Either you can head to on either a computer or mobile device and then enter a code which should appear on your PS5 screen.

8 - Alternatively you can use the QR code on your screen if you're using an Apple device with iOS 11 or later, or a Google Pixel. Simply open the camera app on your mobile device and centre the code on the screen of your mobile device, within the camera boundaries.

9 - The third method involves using the PS5's internet browser to log in, but that's a bit more fiddly, not least if you can't remember your sign in details.

You should be good to go - enjoy the music!


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