PS5: How To Send A Friend Request? How To View Pending Requests? And How To Cancel Friend Requests?

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Want to make some new friends with your shiny new PS5 console?

We've pulled together a guide to show you how to send friend requests on the new next-gen console.


How to send a friend request on PS5?

You can search for your real-life friends or add a player you recently players games with.

As you add friends, the list of your mutual friends (friends of friends) grows, making it easier to find people you may know.

All you need to do is head to a player's profile to add them as a friend. Here's how:

1 - Go to your PS5 control centre, which you access from pressing the PlayStation logo on your DualSense controller.

2 - From the PS5 control centre menu, scroll right until you find the 'Game Base' option. It will have a logo that shows a small outline of a person. Select 'Game Base'.

3 - Press the options button on your DualSense controller - It's the button next to the triangle button, with 3 horizontal lines showing above it - and select 'Go To Game Base'.


4 - Select Search. Enter a player's name or online ID. You can also check the list of players you met and friend of friends.

5 - Select the player you want to become friends with. The Player's Profile should then appear.

6 - Select 'Add Friend' to send the player a friend request.

7 - To become 'close friends' with a player, select the checkbox for 'Share Your Real Name'.

8 - An invitation to become friends is sent to the player. When your friend request is accepted, that player is added to your friends list.

Please note - Search results may vary depending on a player's chosen privacy settings

How to view pending friend requests?

To view your pending friend request, follow the steps above but when you select 'Friend requests' after step 3 once you've selected 'Go To Game Base'.


How to cancel a friend request?

To retract a sent friend request, select 'Cancel' next to the player who you sent a request to.

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