Tower of Fantasy King build (March 2024)- skills, weapon, and more

Image of King in Tower of Fantasy.

Image of King in Tower of Fantasy.

Want to get the best Tower of Fantasy King build you can find? If so, our guide will help you configure the very best build in this new gacha game. King is one of the most fearsome warriors in the game with a range of attacking abilities, so you'll definitely want to try and get him in those random gacha spins.

In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about King. That includes how you get him from the summon mechanic, a breakdown of his skills and stats, and details on his personality. Having all of those should put you in good stead to win some battles!

For more surrounding this new open-world fantasy RPG, check out our Tower of Fantasy reroll guide. Together with the Tower of Fantasy tier list, weapon tier list, and the latest Tower of Fantasy codes, you'll be well on your way to a great team.

Who is King in Tower of Fantasy?

King is the warrior of the group, renowned for his willingness to battle pretty much anyone and everyone.

That sometimes borders the line between aggression and duty, as King is known for always being up for a battle. He's also renowned for loving cold hard cash, and as such would never turn down a job is payment is on offer. If you were curious about his star sign, he's a Scorpio.

Image of King in Tower of Fantasy.
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How to get King in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a gacha game, which means the best and most reliable way to unlock new characters like King is through the summon mechanic.

In Tower of Fantasy, each character, or Simulacrum, is bound to a specific weapon. If you pull King's weapon, the Scythe of the Crow, in the gacha summons, you'll unlock him as a result, working like a skin on that particular item.

To do so, you'll need plenty of in-game currency and more than a little bit of luck. Then head to the summoning menu and search which weapons, and by extension Simulacra, you get.

What are King's skills in Tower of Fantasy Tier List?

King's skills in Tower of Fantasy Tier List


Samir - Dual EM Stars
King - Scythe of the Crow
Cobalt-B - Flaming Revolver
Crow - Thunderblades
Nemesis - Venus
Claudia - Guren Blade
Marc - Dawn
Fiona - Moonstar Bracelet
Rubilia - Liu Huo
Rubilia - Lost Melody
Umi - Mobius
Nan Yi - Purple Bamboo
Alyss - Immortal Wings


Frigg - Balmung
Tsubasa - Icewind Arrow
Ruby - Spark
Lin - Shadoweave
Annabella - Cross Sniper
Saki Fuwa - Heartstream
Lyra - Vespers
Lan - Vermilion Bird
Fenrir - Gleipnir
Baiyuekui - Alaya
Cocoritter - Absolute Zero


Huma - Molten Shield V2
Meryl - Rosy Edge
Shiro - Chakram of the Seas
Zero - Negating Cube
Gnonno - Little Hurricane
Icarus - Precious One
Tian Lang - Powerbreak
Ming Jing (Zeke) - Onyx Tortoise


Ene - Pummeler
Bai Ling - Nightingale's Feather
Pepper - Staff of Scars


Echo - Thunderous Helberd
Hilda - The Terminator

As an out-and-out brawler, you won't be surprised to learn that most of King's skills are focused on attacks. His unique weapon effect is called Flame, which adds a burst of burn damage to your weapon if it is fully HP charged.

That's on top of his six advancements, which are all immensely powerful. They are as follows:

King's Scythe of the Crow is also one of the most powerful weapons in Tower of Fantasy. The unique skill is called Mortal Coil, which lands 284% of the current attacking stat, with a 15-second cooldown.

That's it for our guide to King in Tower of Fantasy! While you're here, feel free to learn all about other Simulacra including Zero build, Meryl build, and Shiro build. All together, they should help you put a team together for when this exciting new gacha game lands.

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