Lost Ark Rovlen Location

Four players of different classes in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark has been around since 2019, when Smilegate launched the MMOARPG in South Korea. Since, it has been published again worldwide by Amazon Game Studios, and players have been flocking to the game.

The highly-popular MMO has been subjected to plenty of server disruption - in the form of lengthy queues and Error 10027 - in its first few days, however. Yet, for the most committed, there are quests to complete, World Bosses to beat, and plenty of unique mounts to grind for.

One of the bosses that has caused some chaos for players is Rovlen, with many wondering where to find them so that they can conquer them and their many tentacles. In this guide, we explain where to find Rovlen in Lost Ark.

Rovlen Location Lost Ark

Rovlen is located in the continent of West Luterra in Lost Ark. They can be found specifically in Bilbrin Forest, to the general west of the area, but to the east of Grayhammer Mine.

With Rovlen being rooted to the ground, as a plant-like monster World Boss, their position won't change unlike other World Bosses. Keep in mind, however, as a World Boss, Rovlen will only spawn thirty minutes after the last time they were killed. So, if you arrive at Rovlen's location right after they've been defeated, you'll have to wait around a short while for them to spawn again.

When it comes to facing Rovlen, they're a difficult World Boss to beat. They're Level 25, has large AoE on one of its attacks, and is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage if you're unable to dodge. It's recommended to try to take Rovlen on with others, and if you're in a popular server, you'll likely have no issue finding other players to take on Rovlen with you.

On occasion, Rovlen will fire seeds into the air that'll transform into tentacles, and these tentacles will attack. They will also put up a shield and regenerate health at some points during battle. During this time, it's important to tackle its tentacles, but bear in mind that more of these will spawn as their health depletes; this is why taking on Rovlen with a team is even more important.

That's all you need to know about locating Rovlen in Lost Ark. Good luck trying to take them down, and don't forget to check out the future World Bosses to expect, too.

For more on Lost Ark, we recommend getting some good gear, acquiring a pet to pick up loot for you, and maximising your AFK timer. Last, but not least, don't forget to check out other classes and get your hands on a Knowledge Transfer or Powerpass to try them out quickly without the grind!

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