Lost Ark Fix Error 10027 - How to Fix Heavy Traffic

A player overlooks Prideholme Cathedral in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark has been around since 2019, when Smilegate launched the MMOARPG in South Korea. Since, it has been published again worldwide by Amazon Game Studios, and players have been flocking to the game. However, many have been met with disappointment after encountering server disruption and Error 10027.

Lost Ark sees players adventure around Arkasia in traditional MMO style, taking on quests and dungeons. For those who are more experience, the grind for mounts or the quest to be the top rank at PvP is well and truly on. Yet, players have been rather disgruntled about Lost Ark's queues, some of which amassed to over 15,000 players queuing for a single EU server.

These queues last hours, and for some unfortunate players, Error 10027 means that they can't even queue to enter their own server. In this guide, we explain exactly what Error 10027 is in Lost Ark and how you can attempt to fix it.

Error 10027 being shown when trying to enter EU Thirian server in Lost Ark.
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How to Fix Lost Ark Error 10027 - Cannot Connect Due to Heavy Traffic

Error 10027 in Lost Ark is a result of servers being so overloaded that they cannot enable another player to queue, let alone join the game. With multiple servers becoming congested and overpopulated upon launch, some of this being due to popular streamers joining specific servers, the developers have had to temporarily lock servers in some instances.

Essentially, Error 10027 appears due to how busy that Lost Ark server is, and how busy the queue for it is. If you're encountering the heavy traffic error in Lost Ark, unfortunately, there is no easy way around it. You simply have to wait until that server becomes available to queue for again... which could take a while. If Error 10027 shows up, all you can do is try and try again to join the queue, until hopefully, you'll finally be let in.

We recognise that this is troublesome for many players, with people being unable to co-ordinate their multiplayer dungeon sessions and others simply not having the time to sit and wait in queues for hours on end. Right now, we recommend checking out a Twitch Drop or two while waiting to get into Arkasia, and hoping that it is resolved soon.

The developers and publishers of Lost Ark have suggested that they are working to improve the server disruption. This probably means there's going to be more server downtime before things get better, though.

That's everything there is to know about Error 10027 in Lost Ark. Sadly, there is no simple fix and all you can do is try again. So, we wish you good luck! In the meantime, check out our guides on the best classes to play as, what pets you can grab, and every Mokoko Seed location.

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