Lost Ark Powerpass Guide - How to Use the Powerpass

Four heavily armoured characters in Lost Ark.

Four heavily armoured characters in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is the latest MMOARPG on the scene, except it kind of isn't. The game initially launched in South Korea back in 2019, and players elsewhere across the globe have had to wait until now to gain full access to the game. Westernised by Amazon Game Studios, the title developed by Smilegate is set to be one of the top MMO games of 2022.

The game has certainly caught the attention of many fans worldwide, and for newcomers to Lost Ark, a lot of questions have been raised regarding various mechanics. This includes querying what exactly the Lost Ark Powerpass is all about, and what exactly it does.

The Powerpass is an item that won't take you too long to encounter if you have the know-how, and its effect is pretty nice, too. In this guide, we explain what Lost Ark's Powerpass is and how to use it.

What Is the Lost Ark Powerpass?

The Powerpass is essentially an item that will allow any player to automatically boost a character of their choice all the way to Level 50. By doing this, players can then go ahead and level another class of their choosing, rather than having to dedicate hours and hours of their time to completing the main story.

The Powerpass, according to Steam, is there "to aid fast progression for alt characters so that the user can enjoy the contents with the various classes." We've seen items like this introduced in MMO games before, so it makes sense that the Powerpass exists in Lost Ark, allowing players to truly get the most out of their experience of Arkasia.

How Do I Get a Lost Ark Powerpass?

From Sorcerer to Assassin, there are currently 15 classes to experiment with in Lost Ark. In fact, we even rated them all in our extensive tier list, so you can see who might be the best pick for you. However, if you're among those who want to experiment with multiple classes, or simply can't decide which one you might enjoy the most, the Powerpass is what you will need.

To get a Powerpass, you need to have first completed the main story quest titled 'Ealyn's Gift'. Following its completion, you will then find a Vern Powerpass Token in your in-game mailbox. Now, you can go ahead and level whichever character of whichever class you please! But, how do you use the Powerpass exactly?

Three characters of different classes in Lost Ark, with a pet companion and a three-headed mount, both included in Founder's Packs.
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How Do I Use a Lost Ark Powerpass?

Now that you, hopefully, have the Vern Powerpass Token in your possession, the next thing you're probably thinking about doing is actually using it.

To use the Powerpass and automatically level up one of your characters, you'll first need to select that character and then select the yellow button towards the bottom of your screen. Once selected, use your Vern Powerpass Token on the character, and you will then be tasked with completing the 'Adventurer's Path' quest.

Embark on the quest and get it completed, because once it's done, your character will immediately jump to Level 50. They will also have all the necessary gear to then go ahead and commence in any endgame or postgame content!

That's all you need to know about the Powerpass in Lost Ark! Good luck getting your hands on it and seeing what the different classes have to offer. With this in mind, don't forget to check which classes are gender-locked. Additionally, if the Powerpass is out of reach for you right now, we also have a nifty guide on how to level up fast in Lost Ark.

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