Lost Ark Codes - Free Shards, XP, and More

Looking for Lost Ark codes? The ambitious new MMO from Smilegate and Amazon Game Studios is no stranger to offering freebies from time to time. Now that it’s exited early access and entered its full launch state, we expect that trend of codes and promotions to continue, though it is, admittedly, rather bare out there right now.

This guide includes all active Lost Ark codes, along with how to redeem them and where you can likely find more.

If you’re still getting started in Lost Ark, we’ve got plenty of guides to help you out, including the best classes, every class you can unlock, how to level efficiently, and what the founders packs are for.

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All Active Lost Ark Codes

  • So far, there are no active Lost Ark codes, though we expect that will likely change soon.

In 2021 while the game was in early access, there were a number of codes for special events that gave out unique items, though these tended to run on a regional basis. Twitch drops are another way Amazon celebrated the game’s launch, though these automatically showed up in your account if you met certain criteria and signed in through a convoluted Lost Ark Twitch Drops system.

Expired codes:

There are no expired codes currently.

How Do I Redeem Lost Ark Codes?

The regional codes in 2021 prompted users to redeem the promotions on a special Lost Ark webpage. We assume that, similar to Genshin Impact, Lost Ark will likely have an in-game account menu where you can redeem codes in the game. Should Amazon and Smilegate continue Twitch Drops, those will probably still show up in your game automatically.

Where Else Can I Get Lost Ark Codes?

Since Lost Ark just launched, we’re not entirely sure yet what the plan is for distributing codes. We’ll keep this guide up to date as we know more, but a safe bet is following the official Twitter page and keeping up with Twitch Drop streams.

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