Lost Ark Gear Guide - Progression and Dismantling Explained

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March 9, 2022: The latest Lost Ark update blog promised tweaks to the endgame, but it seems gear remains largely untouched - for now. Your attack damage might be tweaked, but finding and upgrading the best gear sets remains the same. You'll need plenty of good gear in the coming weeks too, thanks to the new dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Abyss Raids Smilegate has in store.

Lost Ark gear and gear progression are more straightforward than most MMOs, though getting the highest-level equipment still takes a fair bit of grinding and investment.

This Lost Ark gear guide covers how progression works and what you need to do at each level of each Gear Tier. It also answers the question of how you should handle gear dismantling and selling old equipment.

If you’re looking for more help with Lost Ark, you’re in the right place. Check out how to use the Powerpass and what the best class to play as is. You’ll want to stop and look for Mokoko Seeds on your journey as well, and any quest for high-level gear is going to need plenty of gold.

How Does Lost Ark Gear Progression Work?

Lost Ark gear is divided into levels and tiers, and gear levels independently from you. For example, when you reach level 50, your gear level should be around 250. Unlike New World’s slightly convoluted Gear Score system, Lost Ark’s is more straightforward. You can craft to get better gear or run dungeons until you have a full set of rare gear with the score you want or need.

Progression is linear in that sense, as you’re limited to what actual gear you can use. The goal is just obtaining rarer gear through completing certain challenges or continuing to upgrade with resources.

Should You Dismantle or Sell Equipment in Lost Ark?

You should always dismantle gear instead of selling it. Selling gets you silver or other currency, but there’s no end of ways to obtain more cash just by playing the game - or farming for it. Dismantling equipment gives you items you can then use for crafting new equipment.

They’re often rare items you’d have to spend gold to obtain otherwise, so it’s a much more efficient use for gear you don’t need anymore – especially since crafting high-level gear often involves rare materials and gold.

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Lost Ark Gear Tiers

Changing tiers really doesn’t affect how you progress either. For example, the second gear tier’s first dungeon requires level 550 gear, and once you obtain that (or higher) from earlier dungeons, you’re free to carry on to the next tier of challenges to repeat the process.

With every tier after you reach level 250, you have two options. You can grind dungeons for higher-level gear or, if you have the materials, you can upgrade your existing gear. At lower tiers, adding +15 to each piece automatically puts you at the threshold for the next tier, though you can also do +2 or +3, reaching higher intervals with a bit of grinding still required. Legendary equipment requires higher numbers, though the same process of recycle, craft, and upgrade applies.

Tier 1 Gear

Tier 1, Stage 1

Level 0-250

You’ll progress through this phase just by leveling up and should have a set of level 250 gear by the time you reach level 50.

Tier 1, Stage 2

Level 250-302

This one has two options: grinding the North Vern chaos dungeon to get the gear you need or completing the Shushire world quest to obtain a full set of level 302 gear.

Tier 1, Stage 3

Level 302-600

This phase is technically broken into two parts. For the first, up until level 460, you’ll focus on Necromancer’s Cliff and Demon Beast Canyon as your dungeons of choice. The second half, up to level 550-600, takes you to Aurelsud Palace and Citadel of Illusions.

Tier 2 Gear

Tier 2, Stage 1

Level 550-802

You’re limited to just one dungeon this time, the Chaos dungeon Yorn.

Tier 2, Stage 2

Level 802-1,100

If you don’t craft to upgrade, you’ll split your time between Forgotten Forge and Road of Sorrow until level 960. After that, grind in Oblivion Sea and Perilous Abyss to hit level 1,100.

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Tier 3 Gear

Tier 3 is where the grind becomes more intense, but it’s also where you have the chance for getting high-powered equipment – assuming you’re willing to grind for it, of course.

Tier 3, Stage 1

Level 1,100-1,302

For this one, you’ll just grind in Punika Stage 1 until you hit the next level

Tier 3, Stage 2

Level 1,302-1,370

This phase is also divided into two parts. Up to level 1,325, you’ll focus on Punika Level 2, Stage 1 until you get an Epic set of gear. After that, upgrade the Epic gear to 1,370 to progress further

Tier 3, Stage 3

Level 1,370-1,415

The next phase is another grindy one and resembles the previous phase. Stick with Punika Level 3 Stage 1 or the Abyss Raid Argos until you get a set of Legendary gear, and upgrade it to 1,415.

Tier 3, Stage 4


Level 1,415-1,460

This is where things get more interesting. You can continue upgrading like normal, getting your gear to level 1,430 and then 1,460.

  • You can also run the Valtan raid until you get enough materials to craft a set of Legendary equipment at level 1,340 and continue upgrading it, then run the same raid on hard until you assemble and upgrade a set of Valtan relic gear (level 1,460)
  • And finally, you can do the same with the Biakiss Legion raid and assemble the Biakiss Legendary set. The Relic set won’t come until later.

These Legion sets come with powerful buffs, or you can just sell them at the auction house if you need the cash.

Tier 3, Stage 5

Level 1,460-1,490

This stage is also similar to the previous one. You can grind and upgrade your gear to level 1,475 and then 1,490, or you can:

  • Grind Biakiss on hard to get the Biakiss Relic set
  • Grind Kokou-Saton on normal to get the Relic Kokou-Saton set, then upgrade it to level 1,490

Tier 3, Stage 6

Level 1,490-1,575

The high end of Tier 3 lets you craft up to level 1,575, but your best bet for getting a good set of gear with high-end stats is running the Abrelshud raid until you get a full set of Abrelshud equipment.

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