Lost Ark Mounts List - How to Unlock New Mounts

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Three characters of different classes in Lost Ark, with a pet companion and the Cerberus Mount of the Platinum Founder's Pack.
April 7, 2022: We added the Silver Combat Raptor Lost Ark mount to the list.

Hoping to amass a selection of Lost Ark mounts? Our long, long list of the lot should help you build up your collection. With the game initially being launched by Smilegate in South Korea in 2019, the recent Western release already has a wide range of rides ready to go, and getting the lot is no walk in the park.


As with most MMO's, you can expect the likes of furry pet companions and mounts to help you traverse Arkasia. Mounts can be used during activities, given the certain skills and abilities some of them possess, or they can simply be shown off as part of a photo opportunity. There's no denying that the Cerberus Mount of the Platinum Founder's Pack is ever going to not look badass, but you won't be getting that as a boss drop.

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Looking for more to help you out in this new F2P ARPG? From the Lost Ark tier list to the Lost Ark gender lock issue, picking your Lost Ark classes is almost as hard as attempting to get the best Lost Ark gear you can manage for a top-tier raid.

Lost Ark Mounts List

Mount Speed Rarity
Yudia White Horse420Uncommon
Loghill Black Horse420Uncommon
Dyorika Brown Horse420Uncommon
Blue Moss Turtle420Uncommon
Green Moss Turtle420Uncommon
Yellow Moss Turtle420Uncommon
Yellow Ladybug420Uncommon
Red Ladybug420Uncommon
Blue Ladybug420Uncommon
Frost Wolf420Uncommon
Wolf of Vanity420Rare
Shadow Wolf420Rare
Red Mane Wolf420Rare
Red Mane Mustang420Rare
Silver Mane Mustang420Rare
Cloud Steed420Rare
Borea Courser420Rare
Red Moss Turtle420Rare
Gray Stipe Raptor420Rare
Blauer Vogel420Rare
Grass Chamkuri420Rare
Dawn Chamkuri420Rare
Fallen Leaves Chamkuri420Rare
Cotton Candy Chamkuri420Rare
Zagoras White Horse420Epic
Wild Mane Mustang420Epic
Wild Blue Wolf420Epic
Tamed Red Wolf420Epic
Tamed Blue Moss Turtle420Epic
Gold Moss Turtle420Epic
White Scarab420Epic
Suite Room420Epic
Flying Nimbus420Epic
Winter Rollysnow450Legendary
Cold Rollysnow450Legendary
Sweet Rollysnow450Legendary
Vernese Elk450Legendary
Unique Red Cloud450Legendary
Cold White Cloud450Legendary
Twilight Pumpkin Wagon450Legendary
Sunset Pumpkin Wagon450Legendary
Thunder Bubble450Legendary
Terpeion of Shadow450Legendary
Summer Unicorn Float450Legendary
Blossom Unicorn Float450Legendary
Sugar Piñata450Legendary
Chief Mingo450Legendary
Chaos Ghost Horse450Legendary
Bronze Naruni450Legendary
Blue Naruni450Legendary
Aqua Naruni450Legendary
Vanguard of the Blue Soul450Legendary
Black Cone450Legendary
Aurora Cone450Legendary
Berry Chamkuri450Legendary
Auf Shuten450Legendary
Elemental Horse Eldine450Relic
Silver Combat Raptor450Exclusive

We have listed all available mounts in Lost Ark below. Each mount has a different rarity and speed, which we have also noted. My personal favourite has to be the Blossom Unicorn Float, but there are a dozen rather impressive mounts for you to try to unlock. For the new and exclusive raptor, you'll want to check out our dedicated armored Lost Ark raptor mount guide.

A player of the female gunner class is riding the Loghill Black Horse mount in Lost Ark.

How Do I Get Mounts in Lost Ark?

Getting your first Lost Ark mount is fortunately very easy, and can be acquired rather early on too. All you need to do is follow the main storyline of Lost Ark, continually completing quests until you eventually reach one titled 'Town Where Light Lingers'.

You'll be given this quest after finishing Lost Ark's prologue and venturing into the first big city. After completing it and speaking with Brother Alfael, you'll then be able to get your first mount, and will be able to choose from the three following horse mounts:

  • Loghill Black Horse
  • Yudia White Horse
  • Dyorika Brown Horse

After choosing which mount you want, you can right-click on it from your inventory to register it into your mounts automatically. More mounts can later be acquired by completing both main storyline quests and side quests throughout Arkasia, and by purchasing them from the Lost Ark store with real-life currency.

How to Use and Manage Mounts in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, any mount that you receive cannot later be traded, resold, or simply discarded. Mounts that you collect will be permanently tied to your account forever, and they can all be managed in the Mounts Menu or Mounts Inventory while in-game.


Additionally, mounts in Lost Ark will sometimes possess skills that can be used. When a Lost Ark mount possesses a skill, this is essentially an ability. Skills will range from enhanced speeds and flying, to more fun abilities like fireworks and bubbles. Some mounts will have more skills than others, while some have none at all. Additionally, some mount skills do have cooldown periods before they be used again.

Those are all the mounts in Lost Ark, and how you can go about unlocking them. For more on Lost Ark, be sure to check out what Lost Ark skins are available and the boosts they provide. Additionally, take a look at our cards guide to be clued up on how they're used.