Lost Ark Skins - Stat Boosts and How to Equip, Unlock, and Hide

May 19, 2022: Smilegate is adding new skins with realistic clothes inspired by the likes of Vogue to the in-game store during the May update. It's available for purchase using Royal Crystals, but only until the June update launches.

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Being a high-fantasy ARPG MMO with plenty of action, looking cool is par for the course in Amazon's latest PC hit, and Lost Ark skins are sure to be a major attraction for that reason alone. It's early days yet and more are sure to appear over time, but here's how Lost Ark skins work right now.

Through this relatively short guide, we'll go over what Lost Ark skins are, how they work, where they're typically found and seen, and why you're probably going to want to wear them.

And if you ultimately don't like how a skin looks, you'll be glad to know that you don't actually have to make them visible to yourself or other players.

What Are Lost Ark Skins?

Lost Ark skins are like any other kind of in-game skin. They're there to alter your character's appearance like an outfit. This doesn't relate to your standard equipment, however. Lost Ark skins are basically top-layer clothing items that appear to replace the equipment you wear purely for the stat boosts.

Simply put, if you're not happy with how your trusty gear set looks, you can change it with Lost Ark skins without losing the stats you fought hard to obtain.

You can buy more Lost Ark skins for your class in the premium shop.
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How Do I Get Lost Ark Skins?

Right now, you're likely to see exclusive Lost Ark skins on characters even at the lowest combat level. The current swathe of Founder's Packs contains some impressive Lost Ark skins for each class, which can make a character look like a battle-hardened god right out of the gate.

Additional skins can be earned in a number of ways: by clearing special in-game achievements, completing time-limited events, beating certain bosses, and buying through the in-game shop just to name a few. Expect to see a lot more Lost Ark skins and outfit configurations as the game matures.

Do Lost Ark Skins Give Buffs or Stat Increases?

It pains any player to have to say this, but Lost Ark skins do actually give buffs. The extent of this hasn't been made abundantly clear just yet, but hovering over any piece of a Lost Ark skin will show exactly which stats are boosted upon having it equipped.

The good news is that you won't have to dedicate yourself to looking like a fool with a skin you don't like just to enjoy the added buffs. That's explained down below.

Here's how to equip and hide Lost Ark skins.
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How Do I Equip Lost Ark Skins?

Once you've obtained Lost Ark skins you want to equip, it's typically as simple as right-clicking them from your inventory. If you're looking to mix and match things or set up hot-swappable preset outfit plates, you'll want to dive into the Character Profile window.

How Do I Hide Lost Ark Skins?

Whether you want to take your helmet off for a photoshoot or zap away an uncoordinated piece of your outfit until you have the right alternative, you can actually hide Lost Ark skins on a piece-by-piece basis.

To do so, all you need to do is hop back into the Lost Ark skins menu and tap the eye icons beside each individual slot. You can hide your chest piece to reveal your equipped gear, take your gloves off if you want to show some knuckle, or hide your headpiece if you want everyone to stop and stare at your new hairdo.

By hiding choice Lost Ark skins, you can keep what you want and hide what you don't, all while technically keeping the pieces equipped and out of your inventory.

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