How to Get the New Armored Lost Ark Raptor Mount

Image of the Armored Raptor Mount in Lost Ark

Image of the Armored Raptor Mount in Lost Ark

One week later, the Armored Lost Ark raptor mount is something collectors are still going crazy over, and if you want it as well, this how-to will break things down. Its function is no different to the other mounts available in the game, but the acquisition method is. Here's how to add it to your roster.

This Lost Ark guide will run through exactly what the Armored Raptor mount is, as well as exploring how you can get it. Spoiler alert: you'll need a third-party subscription to another service for this one, but a free trial will do the trick.

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How Do I Get the Armored Lost Ark Raptor Mount?

Somewhat inconveniently, the only way to get the Armored Ark Armored Raptor mount is through an Amazon Prime subscription. This specific mount is a new reward from the Prime Gaming promotion, where subscribers get free in-game items, just for being on Prime. Given the Western release of Lost Ark was handled by Amazon, this shouldn't really come as a surprise.

The Armored Raptor mount is the first of several Lost Ark items available exclusively through Prime Gaming. To unlock it, you need to have a valid Prime subscription and head over to the rewards page. Then you can claim it for free, and you'll find it unlocked the next time you play Lost Ark.

Of course, if you don't have an Amazon Prime subscription you'll be unable to get the Armored Raptor mount. However, if you've never used the free trial for Prime, you can simply do that for thirty days and redeem the raptor mount as a permanent reminder of your big brain play. Just remember to cancel it if you don't want to renew.

Image of the Prime Gaming redemption page for Lost Ark
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What Is the New Armored Lost Ark Raptor Mount?

The Lost Ark Armored Raptor Mount is a brand-new ride coming to the game this month.

The new Armoured Lost Ark Raptor isn't the nickname for a rideable vehicle like a cool motorbike, but an actual fortified dinosaur you can hop on top of it. Like any other mount, it's there to help you cross the map more quickly.

It is essential? No. Is it cool? Absolutely. It looks like something you'd get if you crossed Jurassic Park with Game of Thrones. These lizard-style raptors rock a full set of armour complete with a spiked helmet. It's not doing to help you bash demons, but it'll help you roll into battle with gusto.

That's it for our guide on the Lost Ark Armored Raptor Mount! Feel free to also use our overall Lost Ark mounts list to see the other companions in the game. That's on top of a Lost Ark servers list, so you know which online spaces are free to explore!

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