Lost Ark Mining - How to Unlock the Life Skill

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A character mining in Lost Ark.

If you're hoping to make a killing on the market early on, Lost Ark mining is something to consider. Lost Ark is the latest MMOARPG on the scene. Although the game initially launched in South Korea back in 2019, it's only just now getting a global release, with general access beginning on February 11, 2022.

In Lost Ark, you're able to choose from several crafting professions known as Life Skills, which allow you to gather materials that can be used for crafting and other activities. Mining, in particular, is great for gathering valuable materials and ore. In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about mining in Lost Ark.

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What is Lost Ark Mining?

Mining is one of many Life Skills that players can select as their profession in Lost Ark. Used to procure ores and gems from around Arkesia, it's a great skill to have for anyone looking to craft new weapons and items for combat or make some easy money on the market boards.

Whenever engaging in Lost Ark mining, you consume what's known as 'Energy of Life', which regenerates at a rate of approximately 4000 energy per day. Given this precious resource is shared between characters on one account, you need to carefully consider how you spend it.

Your level in this particular Life Skill is shared across all characters on your account, however, so spending energy on leveling it up shouldn't be too much of a concern. It's more about which ores you decide to pick up afterwards.

How Do I Learn Lost Ark Mining?

To be able to take part in Lost Ark mining, you will first need to complete the quest named 'Crown of Lakebar' in Luterra.

As you'll learn while doing this quest, a 'Life Skill Tool' - in this case, a pickaxe obtained from during it - is needed to actually mine ores and materials. These can be of various rarities and qualities. These tools also have a set durability that will be reduced as you work on that Life Skill. To keep your tools in good shape, you can pay silver to repair them (at the cost of reducing their max durability), or you can enhance them using Crystals.

When it comes to getting new mining tools, these can be purchased from any merchants marked with a pickaxe icon, but all tools will be of a different quality level. And, as you may expect, to produce higher quality materials, you'll need higher quality tools.

Tools may also be crafted in your Lost Ark Stronghold, provided you've got a crafting recipe, kit and the relevant materials. In the meantime, different tools you can purchase for Lost Ark mining are as follows:

  • Novice Mining Tool
  • Apprentice Mining Tool
  • Adept Mining Tool
  • Expert Mining Tool
  • Master Mining Tool

The Lost Ark Founder's Packs come with a few tools as well, but there isn't any real reason why you'd need to fork out for these over the standard tools available elsewhere in the game.

A character mining in Lost Ark.
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Where to Go Mining in Lost Ark

When it comes to deciding where to mine, icons will be shown on the map to indicate where each Life Skill can be carried out. Which items and raw materials, such as ores, can be found will also be indicated on your map.

Need to conserve your energy? The Platinum Fields in capital cities let you forage for materials for 15-minutes without burning through your reserves. The mysterious locations can only be accessed using a Plainfield ticket awarded randomly while crafting profession, but they're well worth using whenever you happen to land one.

Mining Skills & Abilities in Lost Ark

As you progress with Lost Ark mining and level up the skill, you'll unlock the following abilities:

  • Level 1 - Pickaxing: Learn how to mine.
  • Level 10 - Perfect Timing: While mining, there is a chance of activating Perfect Timing by pressing the right button with good timing. This will prevent tools from losing durability.
  • Level 20 - Moonlight Miner: When active, this ability increases the chance of finding special loot, but at the expense of energy and durability.
  • Level 30 - Mining Bomb: This installs a Mining Bomb that will blow up surrounding minerals, then ores can be found in the carnage.
  • Mastery Skills - Jewelry Appraiser, Pickaxe Craftsman, Mining Master.

All Mining Reward Items in Lost Ark

As you begin mining in Lost Ark, you'll come across several different ores. Some will only appear once you have reached a certain level with the mining Life Skill, but here is everything you can ultimately expect to find:

  • Rock
  • Scrap Iron Pile
  • Iron Ore
  • Copper Ore
  • Silver Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Hard Gold Ore
  • Olivine Ore
  • Hard Olivine Ore
  • Mysterious Ore
  • Mysterious Camp
  • Mining Obstacle
  • Garnet
  • Garnet Stock
  • Topaz
  • Topaz Stock
  • Obsidian
  • Obsidian Storage
  • Tough Coral Stone
  • Coral Stone Storage
  • Linevite
  • Atlith
  • Unstable Memory Fragment
  • Giant Egg

That's all there is to know about Lost Ark mining - good luck becoming a master of this money-making Life Skill! If you're looking to get the most out of Lost Ark, we recommend locating a Lost Ark Powerpass to quickly boost another character. And if you aren't sure which class you'd like to try next, our Lost Ark tier list of all the available Lost Ark classes has some suggestions.

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