Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds Guide - Locations and What They're For

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If you’re looking for Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds, you’re in for a lot of work. There’s over a thousand of the green glowing goodies scattered across the land. Gather enough of them, and you can turn them in for some rather good rewards, though again, it’ll take a long time to get the best ones.

This Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds guide explains where to find Mokoko Seeds and lists what you get for your hard work.

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What Are Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark?

Mokoko Seeds are one among many currency types in Lost Ark, but unlike Gold and Silver, you have to hunt them down. You’ll usually find Mokoko Seeds in dungeons, around area maps, or even in settlements. They’re large, green, and glowing, but only when you approach them. Otherwise, they're easy to overlook.

Hold the “G” key when you’re near a seed, and you’ll pick it up once the “interact” meter is full.

Mokoko Seeds are used only for trading with one particular merchant, and you can get some good and rare items after reaching certain milestones.

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Mokoko Seed Locations

There are 1,200 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark, scattered throughout the game’s many regions. The current version reportedly redesigned the dungeons and maps, which affected where the seeds are. We’re still working out where to find them and will update when we know more.

We can say that your best bet is checking around walls and the edges of paths, as that seems to be where most Mokoko Seeds are located.

What Are the Mokoko Seed Rewards?

Take your Seeds to Mokoko Village on Tortoyk Island and speak to Totoma. Here's what you'll get.

Reward Seed Cost
Totoma Card50
Kindness Potion100
Crew Application Form: Chicachica150
Vitality Increase Potion200
Crew Application Form: Cocorico250
Stat Increase Potion300
Mokamoka Card350
Paradise's Knight License400
15 Eurus Blueprints450
Crew Application Form500
3 Shy Wind Flower Pollen550
20 Eurus Blueprint600
Crew Application Form: Popoi650
Mokoko Hunter title700
Mokoko Seed Monument Structure750
Egg of Creation800
Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru850
Moki Toki Background900
Masterpiece 32950
Blooming Caravel Ship Model1,000
Crew Application Form: Narinari1,050
Nice Smelling Title1,100
Masterpiece 441,150
Mokoko Charm1,200

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