Lost Ark AFK Timer - How to Change It

A character part of the Assassin class in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark first launched in 2019 in South Korea, after being developed by Smilegate. Alas, after three years of waiting, fans will now be able to play the MMOARPG worldwide, and it's looking to be one of the top MMO's of 2022 already.

As with the launch of various new games, servers are expected to be congested, and queues are going to be long initially. For those who purchased Founder's Packs and got access to the game a couple of days earlier, queues were as long as 10,000 players in some regions.

This then comes with the fear of being kicked from the queue, or worse yet, your game. Everyone has to go AFK here and there, but that shouldn't ruin your Lost Ark session. Luckily, Lost Ark has gone through a few changes during this launch period, and introduced an AFK Timer for players to adjust. In this guide, we explain how to change and set your AFK Timer in Lost Ark.

How to Change Your Lost Ark AFK Timer

Players can change their AFK Timer in Lost Ark easily. The AFK Timer can be changed from 15 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes. Essentially, once you have been inactive for long enough for your character to be shown as 'Away from Keyboard', that is when your AFK Timer will begin. Once the timer is up, you'll sadly be kicked from your game.

Luckily, changing your AFK Timer from 15 minutes to 30 or 60 minutes can make all the difference, and save you additional hours of queuing!

The Controls and Display Gameplay settings, where players can adjust their AFK Timer in Lost Ark.
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To change your AFK Timer, open your Main Menu and select 'Settings' along the bottom bar on your screen. When in your Settings, go to 'Gameplay', then go to 'Controls and Display', shown above. Here, under 'UI', you will see 'AFK Settings'. Using this specific dropdown, your AFK Timer for Lost Ark can be adjusted.

That's everything you need to know about making any changes to your AFK Timer, and hopefully not being booted from your Lost Ark adventure. For more on Lost Ark, check out our tier list of classes, which ones are gender-locked, and how you can level up fast! If you master levelling up and want to try another class without the grind, you should get your hands on a Powerpass, too.

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