Lost Ark Bosses List - World Bosses and Boss Rush

Lost Ark Large Boss in burned down forest environment

Lost Ark Large Boss in burned down forest environment

In a free-to-play MMORPG like Lost Ark, bigger enemies tend to drop the best loot: and seeking out a Lost Ark boss is sure to prove that. Whether they're hidden deep in dungeons or disrespecting a graveyard, Lost Ark bosses are dangerous fiends worth taking on for a bunch of different reasons. Here's how to find them.

As you travel across the seven Continents of Arkesia, you're going to encounter numerous bosses that will try to stand in your way. The best way to defeat them is to join up with other players and combine your attacks, but you'll be able to take on some lesser bosses on your own as well.

Just getting started? The Lost Ark Founder's Packs can still offer some good early loot, including some great Lost Ark skins. And when it's time to pick a character, look into the Lost Ark tier list if you'll only consider the best.

Lost Ark World Bosses List


Rovlen tends to spawn in the same place and rarely moves around. They can be found within Bilbin Forest in West Luterra. Focus on attacking Rovlen's tentacles to give yourself (and other players) the best chance of defeating it. Read up on this one with our Lost Ark Rovlen location guide.


Can be found in and around the Graveyard area. Dodging and coordinating your attacks with other players is the best way to defeat this former High Priest. Read all about this one with our Lost Ark Rudric location guide.

Salt Giant

This boss can be found in the Aergal Salt Plains. If you're in the early stages of the game then it's best to wait for other players to join you. The Salt Giant has an area of effect attacks that can easily destroy you if you're not strong enough.

There are bound to be loads of other Lost Ark boss battles scattered around Arkesia. As more and more are discovered, we'll add their locations and some brief battle strategies to this list.

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What Are Lost Ark Bosses?

Unlike your typical game boss that signifies the end of a level, Lost Ark bosses are simply challenging optional fights found across the land. They add some nice extra lore nuggets to the game, while rewarding players who decide to challenge them some decent loot for the effort.

Out in the overworld, each Lost Ark boss spawns around every 30 minutes after the death of the previous one. Even though they can be long and challenging battles, they're generally worth the time investment. Also, a perk of an MMO is that when a boss spawns, everyone works together to take them down, which can make it a great way to get used to group content, and even maybe make a friend or two.

The most popular Lost Ark boss type right now is what's known as a "World Boss." These are the kinds that spawn in open areas and can be tackled by anyone who decided they want to give it a try.

They're generally quite bulky and demand a veritable army to take on, but you'll often see players letting each other know which area and channel one has spawned in for the main purpose of gathering their weapons and taking them on together.

This is one such example of a Lost Ark boss.
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Lost Ark Boss Rush Mode

Boss Rush Mode is a special mode of the game that is only available to you when you reach a high enough item level.

Once you reach the required item level, you'll be able to take on 15 different enemies in individual waves. Items like healing potions are locked out of this challenge mode, but with high risk comes great rewards.

Each time you survive an enemy wave, the loot that you are rewarded gradually increases in value. This mode can be attempted alone, but with multiple bosses and very little time to rest, we recommend tackling it with other players.

Lost Ark is a massive game which means that there is a lot for you to master. Luckily, we have quite a few guides that can make your journey through Arkesia easier. Check out our Lost Ark pets guide to find a free buddy, and our lofty Lost Ark mounts list to help you find your next trusty steed. We've also got a Lost Ark quests list that even fills you in on roughly how long the campaign runs.

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