Best Lost Ark Paladin Build For PvE and PvP

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March 26, 2022: We're going to make a start at updating this Lost Ark Paladin build guide to reflect the post-release patches.

Trying to perfect your holy Paladin play? This best Lost Ark Paladin build guide will hopefully show you the way. Considered a support class by most, while it certainly won't be topping the DPS charts, the right Lost Ark Paladin build can see them easily slot into any PVP or PVE group.

A lot is set to change about this Lost Ark Paladin build guide as the game matures, so do bear that in mind for now. The initial aim is to get any new, lost, or aspiring Paladin players off on the right foot. Lost Ark skills are deep, which, in turn, can complicate gameplay, so we're going to try to simplify things down a little.

Just getting started in this big new ARPG? Check out our Lost Ark classes guide for a quick primer on each role. Before you make your decision, though, read up on the Lost Ark tier list and the Lost Ark gender lock system to reduce your risk of ultimately being disappointed by your choice of character, class, or role.

Lost Ark Paladin Build - What Are the Best Leveling Skills?

Skill Point Priority Level Range (Approximate) Runes Purpose
Flash Thrust12Law of the Jungle, Chain Attack, Flash EnhancementEarly area damage
Charge16Move DistanceTraversal/mobility
Punishment20Swift Fingers, Divine PunishmentSingle-target damage
Executor's Sword32Stigmata, Challenger's Will, Broad SlashGood single-target or area damage
Holy Explosion36Swift Fingers, Wide ExplosionEven more area damage
Holy Sword40Stigmata, Weak Point DetectionSolid single-target damage
Execution of Justice45Rune Prison, Strength ReleaseGood area damage
Heavenly Blessings50Faith, Valor, Heavenly RequiemGreat area damage and support

Though the Paladin will never top the charts in terms of damage, they can still easily clear mob camps, packs, and take on big bosses with respectable area and single-target damage. You can min-max this build by redistributing some skill points into newer skills to unlock some great tier-three runes at around level 40, but we're hoping to keep things simple.

One key point is once you unlock your Awakening skills - and which point you should look to take some out of lesser single-target strikes to get Heavenly Blessings maxed out in time for some proper group content.

A Paladin launches a wide sweeping attack in Lost Ark
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Best Lost Ark Paladin Build For PvP

1v1 Skills 1v1 Runes 3v3 Skills 3v3 Runes
ChargeMobility, Protection, AmbushChargeMobility, Protection, Ambush
Dash SlashPace, Slash, SprintExecutor's SwordMobility,
Executor's SwordMobilityExecution JusticeForward Attack, Strength Release, Light Explosion
Execution JusticeForward Attack, Strength Release, ExplosionHoly SwordPropulsion, Vital Point Strike, Condensed Energy
Holy SwordPropulsion, Vital Point, EnergyGodsent LawShield, Wide-angle, Grace
Light ShockSwift, Light's Vestige, SphereWrath of GodWide, Thunder, Guardian
Light JudgementSwift, Wide, LightHoly ProtectionQuick, Protection, Protection
Wrath of GodWide, Tenacity, GuardianHeavenly BlessingsAgile, Perseverance, Requiem

There isn't a massive difference between the preferred PVP Lost Ark Paladin build across the 1v1 and 3v3 queues. A lot of it has to do with keeping the Paladin agile and on its feet, helping them shake off CC and rush to the aid of allies.

Most PVP veterans would say to start things off with a knock-up, stun, or another CC effect before linking things up with a combo. Just be wary of the few Paladin skills which take some time to cast.


What Are the Best Raid Skills?

Skill Runes Special Rune
ChargeMobility, ProtectionRecharge
Holy LandQuick, Grace, GraceOverwhelm
Holy SwordPosition, Outburst, ReleaseOverwhelm
Light ShockSwift, Light, ShockBleed
Godent LawShield, Wide, GraceProtection
Wrath of GodWide, Faith, FuryWealth
Holy ProtectionQuick, Purify, VowFocus
Heavenly BlessingsFaith, Valor, BlessingWealth

Once you're ready to raid with a group, you're going to need to rejig your Lost Ark Paladin build from its leveling layout. This is to shift things away from damage and more into supporting your group. With this Lost Ark Paladin build, you'll be able to greatly reduce the team's incoming damage with Holy Land and Godsent Law.

There's a bit of added range from skills like Holy Sword and Light Shock, which can even keep up a handy damage debuff on the target if handled correctly.

Hopefully that's cleared up any quick-fire questions you might have regarding a Lost Ark Paladin build for leveling, PVP, and raid content. We'll dive into the finer details as the game matures and we all become a little more experience. Until then, check out how Lost Ark Strongholds and Lost Ark codes can help you get ahead of the game. Need more gear before then? Out Lost Ark boss guide can help you get some easy loot.

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