Lost Ark Wardancer Build - Best PVE and PVP Skills

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Hoping to breeze through leveling a Martial Artist? We've pieced together a Lost Ark Wardancer build sets to hopefully help with that. These swift attackers are one of three female options the class gets right at the start, and it's the one you want to go for if single-target DPS is your endgame goal.

Each of Lost Ark Wardancer build sets are tailored toward a different aspect of the game; PVE, PVP, and raid content once you hit max level. A PVE build will help you level up, clear dungeons, and fight waves of enemies, whereas a PVP build will help you punch other players in the face. For raid situations, there's a tighter focus on single-target damage to end Lost Ark boss battles fast.


Before we get stuck in, why not open up a few other guides in your tabs for future reference? If you're just browsing for your next roles, check out our Lost Ark classes guide for a quick primer on each. And before you make your decision, read up on the Lost Ark tier list and the Lost Ark gender lock system.

Table of Contents

Lost Ark Wardancer Build - What Are the Best Leveling Skills?

Skill Point Priority Level Range (Approximate) Runes Purpose
Lightning Kick12Movement, Kick, FlashGreat early damage
Moon Flash Kick20Flash, Light-Foot, Fancy FootGreat damage and decent mobility
Sleeping Ascent Celebration20Spiral KickSimilar to Moon Flash Kick, only great for area damage
Wind's Whisper25Oath, Prep, SuperwindRaw damage
Lightning Kick30Movement, Kick, FlashEven more mobility and damage
Swift Wind Kick35LightningGreat area damage with high crit rate
Sweeping Kick38Weak Point, Light, ExcellenceReally high burst hit
Moon Flash Kick45Flash, Light-Foot, Fancy FootGreat damage and decent mobility
Call of the Wind God48Lightning Storm, Growth AttackGreat area damage and control

This Lost Ark Wardancer build focuses on finding a balance between area damage and single-target power. The Wardancer is inherently designed for single-target damage later down the line, but it has plenty of ways for dealing with large mob packs early on - including its popular two-bubble tornado skill.


With this one, you'll easily strike that balance between big crits and reliable, far-reaching attacks. Some skills even have decent mobility options spliced in with runes, which should make it easier to get out of sticky situations. Don't be afraid to use them to avoid incoming damage.

The right Lost Ark Wardancer build can aid in PVP, PVE, and group content.

Lost Ark Wardancer Build - What Are the Best PVP Skills?

1v1 Skills 1v1 Runes 3v3 Skills 3v3 Runes
Sky Shattering BlowMobilitySky Shattering BlowSwift
Lightning KickMovement, Kick, LightningLightning KickMovement, Kick, Lightning
Moon Flash KickShock, Mobility, KickMoon Flash KickShock, Mobility, Kick
Sleeping Ascent CelebrationWide, Prep, SweepSleeping Ascent CelebrationWide, Prep, Sweep
Swift Wind KickWater, Swift, SpinWind's WhisperProt, Courage, Superwind
Sweeping KickWeak Point, Light, ExcellencePhoenix AdventWide, Attack, Nimble
Energy CombustionEnergy CombustionEnergy CombustionArmour, Reduction, Whisper
Lightning StrikeWide-Angle, Fierce LightningCall of the Wind GodStorm, Revolution, Storms

The Lost Ark Wardancer build popularized in PVP doesn't change much whether it's in 1v1 duels or 3v3 team skirmishes. A lot the early skill picks and runes focus on adding mobility and range to the Wardancer's kit. It can seem odd seeing talk of area damage on some skills, but the idea is simply to make it harder for the opponent to dodge an attack outright.


It's only as your level increases that your options change depending on the PVP mode you prefer to dive into. The 3v3 part of the Lost Ark Wardancer build focuses on area damage and crowd-control will things like the Raging Storms rune on Call of the Wind God, for example.

Either way, with relatively lacking defenses and high burst potential, the idea with the Lost Ark Wardancer build set remains the same - Punch, move, wait, and punch again.

Lost Ark Wardancer Build - What Are the Best Raid Skills?

Skill Runes Special Rune
Sky Shattering BlowMobility, AttackBleed
Lightning KickMovement, Kick, FlashRecharge
Flash Heat FangFist, Weak Point, RushJudgement
Moon Flash KickShock, Single Hit, KickGalewind
Wind's WhisperOath, Prep, AttackFocus
Roar of CourageControl, Ruler, WaveFocus
Sweeping KickWeak Point, Light, ExcellenceGalewind
Energy CombustionArmour, Battle, WhisperConviction

Once you're ready to hop into raid content, the above Lost Ark Wardancer build should represent what most group leaders will be looking for. It'll be a bit of a grind getting your special runes all set up, but the final result should be a Lost Ark Wardancer build with a surprising amount of survivability tacked onto its absurdly high critical hit damage.


The most interested part about this raid built is how First Intention is used to kill off the Elemental Meter. So long as you can manage ample uptime against the boss, skills that don't use the meter (like Energy Combustion) should be able to pull out insane amounts of damage.

And that's it for the Lost Ark Wardancer build for now. Expect more of these as the game matures and the Lost Ark error 10027 queues ease up. Until those extra severs show up, read into how Lost Ark Strongholds and Lost Ark codes can help you get ahead of the game. Need more gear before then? Out Lost Ark boss guide can help you get some easy loot.