Lost Ark Twitch Drops - Lola Starter Item Set and Saphia Pet Selection Chest

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A female character in Lost Ark that is part of the Martial Artist class.
February 24, 2022: Previously released Lost Ark Twitch drops are returning from this Friday, February 25. Check out the guide below to make sure you're able to collect them all!

Looking for info on Lost Ark Twitch Drops? Lost Ark initially launched in South Korea in 2019 courtesy of Smilegate, and fans have waited ever so potentially for the game to release in their region. Finally, the time has come, and Twitch have got involved as per usual to give players some additional rewards. This time around, we have been given the Lola Starter Item Set, Legends of Lost Ark Drops, and Saphia Pet Selection Chest.


As you roam around Arkasia, you may find that you're already well-prepared if you purchased one of the game's Founder's Packs, or simply if you're accustomed to MMORPGs. However, Lost Ark Twitch Drops are still a nice treat and can go a long way when it comes to aiding a newer player.

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Some Twitch Drops involve watching Lost Ark streams, while some can easily be redeemed if your Twitch account is connected to Amazon Prime. In this guide, we explain the latest Lost Ark Twitch Drops, what they include, and how to redeem them.

How to Get Lost Ark Twitch Drops

To redeem any Lost Ark Twitch Drop reward and use it in-game, you'll need to ensure that you do a couple of things first.

  • Link your Twitch and Lost Ark accounts by following the instructions here.
  • Activate Twitch Drops.

It's as easy as that. From here, you'll be able to redeem some rewards instantly, and others you'll have to dedicate some hours of being a Twitch viewer to. We've outlined the current ongoing rewards and how to get them below, and we'll be sure to update this space when more land.

The latest Lost Ark Twitch Drop, the Lola Starter Item Set, shown under the Lost Ark Drops page on Twitch.

Lola Starter Item Set Lost Ark Twitch Drop

The first, of what we can assume will be many Twitch Drops, includes a Lola Starter Item Set for Lost Ark players. This item, fortunately, can be redeemed immediately from this Twitch page, provided you have already linked your accounts.


As you can see in the above image, it appears that there's a lot more of these redeemable rewards planned for in future, so, check back regularly to see what freebies you can grab.

Legends of Lost Ark Twitch Drop

You might not have heard, but there is currently on an ongoing race between North American, Latin American, and European streamers coined the Legends of Lost Ark to unlock as many Twitch Drops as possible.


With Twitch Drops activated on your account, all you need to do for this drop is watch four hours of participating Lost Ark streamers on Twitch between February 8, 5PM GMT/9AM PST and March 1, 8AM GMT/12AM PST.

The content of these drops is not yet known, but players can earn up to four drops during this time, of what we can only assume to be chests and other goods.

The artwork for the Saphia Pet Selection Chest Twitch Drop for Lost Ark.

Saphia Pet Selection Chest Lost Ark Twitch Drop

The Saphia Pet Selection Chest is another brand-new Twitch Drop for players, but this one isn't necessarily as easy to unlock as the last. The chest provides players the opportunity to earn one of six unique Saphia pets to have as their companion across Lost Ark.


To unlock the Chest, you need to watch at least four hours of Lost Ark 'Drops Enabled' streams on Twitch between February 7, 12AM GMT/4PM PST and March 7, 8AM GMT/ 12AM PST. When you're fortunate enough to earn a Saphia Pet Selection Chest, each owner will unlock one randomly-coloured companion.

Four hours is a lot of time, but if you're eager for Lost Ark, it's doable! For more on the title to prepare you for your adventure across Arkasia, we recommend checking out our Lost Ark tier list, as well as our guides on classes, which ones are gender-locked, and how you can attempt to level up fast in the game.