Lost Ark Lullaby Island Guide - How to Get Forest's Minuet

A ship approaches a small island in Lost Ark.

A ship approaches a small island in Lost Ark.

As you load up Lost Ark and land in Arkasia, you'll find that there's simply an abundance of things for you to do in this MMOARPG. As you take on quests and hunt down World Bosses, you'll come across various collectible items. For example, Mokoko Seeds, and songs, like the Forest's Minuet song of Lullaby Island.

Songs in Lost Ark are yet another item you can collect, and they act as spells to an extent. Think of how Bards use their music as magic in other RPGs... this is what your songs do! The first one you'll learn is the Song of Heart and Home, which is a teleportation tune.

As you venture further into Arkasia and acquire mounts, pets, and gear galore, you'll want more songs too. There are seventeen in total, and Forest's Minuet is perhaps one of the harder ones ot acquire. In this guide, we explain how to get to Lullaby Island and unlock the Forest's Minuet song in Lost Ark.

How to Get to Lullaby Island in Lost Ark

As soon as you unlock your first ship, you'll be able to sail the seas in Lost Ark. Lullaby Island is a small piece of land, just south-east of Tortoyk. It's as simple as that.

How to Get Forest's Minuet in Lost Ark

Once you arrive at Lullaby Island, speak with Traveler Eclipse, who will give you the first of three consecutive Adventure Quests: 'Forest Where Fairies Sing'. For this quest, you'll need to locate a fairy on Lullaby Island, and then be assigned the 'I Can Hear You' quest.

For the second quest, you'll need to locate another fairy and answer the questions of three different fairies correctly. Finding them is rather easy, considering the island's size, but having the answers they're after isn't so straightforward.

The answers you need to give to each fairy are as follows:

  • Fairy 1: Whistle, Wait, Whistle again
  • Fairy 2: Put down the shiny pebble, Remember me?, It's a gift, Wait quietly
  • Fairy 3: Just watch, Listen with your back to her, I'm listening, I'll look for one, Sure, No worries I'm an adventurer

Next, the third quest will be triggered: 'It's Okay, Miss Fairy'. For this, you'll need to collect three Voice of the Forest pipes from Chests of Sleeping Songs on Lullaby Island. To unlock the Chest of Sleeping Songs, you'll need to complete the 'Magick Melody' group quest three times.

This requires you to re-enter the island three separate times, twenty minutes apart (this is when the chest can spawn), and follow the secret passage on your map. At the end of the passage, play the Song of Resonance.

Once you're let past, play the Song of Resonance again until a Magic Tree appears, rewarding you with the chest and some silver. Repeat this until three Voice of the Forest pipes are in your possession.

After having got your hands on three Voice of the Forest, return to the Fairy using the quest markers on your map and give her the three pipes. As a reward for your efforts, she will gift you the Forest's Minuet to add to your collection of sheet music!

That's how to get the Forest's Minuet at Lullaby Island in Lost Ark. For more on Lost Ark, consider making some alt characters with inspiration from our tier list of classes, and the use of a Powerpass or Knowledge Transfer. Additionally, don't forget to check out all the Lost Ark codes and Twitch Drops, so you don't miss out on any freebies.

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