Lost Ark Disorder Crystals Guide - How to Get and Use

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Four players of different classes face a boss inside of a dungeon in Lost Ark.

Even though Lost Ark first launched in 2019 in South Korea, courtesy of Smilegate, players are still finding plenty of features to confuse them upon it's 2022 global release. These items include the likes of Knowledge Transfers, the Powerpass, and Disorder Crystals.

Being confused about minor elements of Lost Ark is no fear, however. As you grind for gear, mounts, and pets across Arkasia, you'll run into a lot of things that are confusing and seemingly play little part in the MMO. One of these is Disorder Crystals, a mysterious currency.

Disorder Crystals are a strange currency awarded after completing Chaos Dungeons, but they can't be used at the in-game shop. So, what can they be used for? In this guide, we explain how to get and use Disorder Crystals in Lost Ark.

Multiple players taking on a PvE fight in Lost Ark.
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What Are Disorder Crystals in Lost Ark

As per the in-game description, Disorder Crystals in Lost Ark are described as follows: "These crystals contain ominous energy found in the Chaos Gate. They glow faintly even in the corrosive chaos." But, what do they actually do?

There's been discussion that perhaps these crystals help with access to certain areas or are an ingredient for a crafting recipe, but this isn't true. To put it simply, Disorder Crystals are another form of in-game currency, but can only be traded with particular vendors and cannot be used in the in-game store.

How to Get Disorder Crystals in Lost Ark

Disorder Crystals are awarded, alongside other items, for completing a Chaos Dungeon in Lost Ark. These particular dungeons are an endgame activity, and players can do up to two of them per day, either solo or as a team of four.

Every Chaos Dungeon run will require players to defeat one large monster ultimately, so taking on the task as a team is probably for the better. Don't forget to try PvP with your team too, if you've completed your daily Chaos Dungeon runs!

How to Use Disorder Crystals in Lost Ark

Disorder Crystals cannot be used at the in-game shop or with your usual vendors. You need to use them at a specific Chaos Dungeon vendor, who will trade them for other wares. The Chaos Dungeon vendor can be found southeast of the Chaos Dungeon statue, which is in the Vern Castle zone of the North Vern region.

The wares you can trade Disorder Crystals for in Lost Ark include Harmony Shards, Harmony Leapstones, Jewellery, Engraving Books, and Stone Fragments.

Good luck taking part in Chaos Dungeons and gathering those Disorder Crystals! For more on Lost Ark, check out our gear guide to see what those Disorder Crystals may come in use for. Additionally, take a look at the best classes to play as, how to set an AFK Timer to hopefully avoid queues, and every Mokoko Seed location.

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