Lost Ark PvP - Ranking System, Rewards, & Modes Explained

A Lost Ark boss.

Lost Ark is the latest MMOARPG on the scene, having initially launched in South Korea back in 2019, players elsewhere across the globe have had to wait until now to gain full access to the game. Westernised by Amazon Game Studios, the title developed by Smilegate is set to be one of the top MMO games of 2022.

As with every MMO, there are a huge range of features to appeal to every player, whether it be grinding for Mokoko Seeds, playing as various classes, or engaging in some classic PvP outside the main story.

PvP in Lost Ark is playable with three game modes, a ranking system, and rewards for those who rank high. In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about PvP in Lost Ark.

How to Play PvP in Lost Ark

When it comes to playing PvP in Lost Ark, there are two ways you can go about it. Once you are Level 10, you can take part in duels. This means you are able to challenge another player to a duel while in the open world, and if they accept, you will then be able to duel with each other.

On the other hand, players can take part in arena duels as a part of PvP in Lost Ark. After reaching Level 26 and completing the 'Rebuild Luterra' main questline, you'll be able to enter arenas from any city and take part in arena-based PvP.

There is also a third mode of PvP in Lost Ark known as GvG. This Guild vs. Guild mode oversees guilds competing against one another, and will be a 16v16 situation of multiple groups.

Four players of different classes face a boss in Lost Ark.
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Lost Ark PvP Game Modes

There are three PvP game modes in Lost Ark that can be played as a normal game, competitive game, or a custom game. The only exclusion is that compeitive games can only be played as a Team Deathmatch or Deathmatch. Anyway, these three PvP game modes are:

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch sees two teams of three go against each other in the same arena, and the team that gets the most kills in 5 minutes is the winner.


Team Elimination sees six separate players, all facing each other, in the same arena. Just like our other PvP game modes, the player with the most kills when time runs out will be the winner.

Team Elimination

Deathmatch sees two teams of three go against each other, but not in the same arena. Instead, there are three separate 1v1 matches, and the team with the most wins is crowned the overall winner.

Lost Ark PvP Ranking System and Rewards

When it comes to playing competitive PvP in Lost Ark, there is a ranking system and rewards for wins. Players can enter competitive games after having played a set amount of normal ones, but it is advised to take plenty of time to practice and learn each class first.

It should also be noted that PvP in Lost Ark is a level-playing field for all players, as all matches are equalised. Essentially, no player will be able to bring items or gear that will grant them advantages over another player. Instead, players must rely on personal skill and PvP builds for various classes.

As with any other ranked mode in almost any other games, there are seasons across Lost Ark, and ranks will be reset when each season ends. Players will accrue points for their wins, and have them deducted for losses.

As for rewards, players will typically be competing for a league title, of which there are the following (from lowest to highest): Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grand Master. Yet, there are more rewards for competing in ranked in the form of Crystals and cosmetics. There are no rewards for Bronze players either, but as soon as you climb to Silver and beyond, rewards will become substantially better.

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