Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Remove Headpieces

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Horizon Zero Dawn offers you a variety of outfits for Aloy to wear and each one is unique in its design as well as its benefits. However, as much as we appreciate the detail put into the outfits, the bulky headpieces can become a bit of a nuisance. We're going to quickly show you how to remove them without having to take off the entire outfit!

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How To Remove the Headpieces

  1. When you're in the game you need to access your pause menu (the one that shows settings, new game+, photo mode), not the Map menu.
  2. Click on settings, then scroll along to open the Visual Tab.
  3. There are a bunch of options here but you need to focus on the Show Headpiece one.
  4. Toggle the option to "off" to remove the headpiece.
Aloy in the Banuk Ice Hunter Heavy outfit without the headpiece
Aloy in the Banuk Ice Hunter Heavy outfit without her headpiece

If you want to put the headpieces back on, then toggle the option to "on"

Will Headpieces Show In Cut-Scenes?

Depending on which option you have toggled, on/off, the Aloy you see in the cut-scene will match which option you choose.


Are Headpieces Important?

The entire outfit itself will give certain benefits to Aloy, such as the Carja Blazon Outfit that gives her more protection against elemental Fire damage. The headpieces are a part of the outfit but removing them will not detract from the overall benefits. They are purely a visual aspect and not all of the outfits have a headpiece attached to them.

In one mission you do need to be disguised in a specific outfit but removing the headpiece will not affect your ability to complete the mission. The other characters will still respond as though Aloy is hidden.

To have some of the best outfits for Aloy, you will need to collect materials from across the map to trade in for them. Fortunately, we have plenty of guides from where to find Geese to the location of Power Cells which will unlock a very special outfit.