Horizon Forbidden West Has Gone Gold, New PS4 Gameplay Shown

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Horizon Forbidden West has gone gold less than a month before launch. Releasing on February 18, Guerilla Games are celebrating by showcasing gameplay for Forbidden West's PS4 edition.

Posted on the official PlayStation Blog, Angie Smets, studio director & executive producer of Guerilla Games, confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West went gold for both PS4 and PS5. To celebrate, several clips of the game running on a PS4 Pro were shared, showing last-gen players how much care was put into it.

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Horizon Forbidden West Has Gone Gold, New PS4 Gameplay Shown


It’s clear Guerilla Games has worked hard on the PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West. It's no surprise the PS5 version look and runs better, but if you're planning to play through Sony's older console, it doesn't look like you'll be missing out, either. There's still a visually stunning open-world to explore and new enemies to face.

Horizon Forbidden West launches for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18. An incomplete version of the game was leaked not too long ago, so remain vigilant about spoilers. We'll keep you informed with further updates when they happen.

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