Incomplete Horizon Forbidden West Leaked Ahead of Release

Horizon Forbidden West has leaked weeks in advance of its February 18 release, and like the Last of Us Part II leak in 2020, it includes full story spoilers (though we don't have them here). Pictures of an incomplete Horizon Forbidden West build were spotted online and were confirmed as true by VGC’s sources, though have since been taken down. Despite being described as incomplete, VGC said the only things missing are some assets and other minor details.

Unlike the incident with The Last of Us Part II, it seems that Horizon Forbidden West’s files were not distributed to any file-sharing sites, but make sure to take the necessary precautions against spoilers anyway.

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Incomplete Horizon Forbidden West Build Leaked Ahead of Next Month’s Release

While we haven't indulged in story spoilers ourselves, it seems evident Forbidden West will be a story-heavy experience. Not only is Aloy going to spend much less time alone, but Sony has also worked to get fans into Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony gave away Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition for free during the pandemic as part of their Stay-at-Home initiative and recently released a PS5 upgrade that also gives the game 60fps and 2160p resolution, not to mention the game's PC release.

In short, it seems likely Forbidden West relies quite a bit on the original's story. If you haven't had a chance to play it yet, we've also got a handy recap of Horizon Zero Dawn's story to get you up to speed.

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