Meet the Tribes of Horizon Forbidden West

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Sony and Guerrilla Games released a new Horizon: Forbidden West trailer highlighting the many tribes, possible friends, and definite adversaries Aloy will face on her journey. The world might be a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but it's full of life and danger as well.

One of those dangers stems from a red blight that the trailer tells us threatens to upend the cycle of life and rebirth. The Utaru tribe sings a hymn to try and hold it back, but apparently their efforts are in vain.

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Meet the Tribes of Horizon Forbidden West

In the Sundom area, the Oseram live peaceful lives, trading and crafting goods, building settlements, and generally just trying to get by. The Carja take a less merry view of life and focus their efforts on securing the borders of their lands, borders which push up against the Forbidden West.

They have reason to fear. The Forbidden West is home to the Tenakth, a confederation of three warring clans that rules their vast territory with violence but is currently enjoying a temporary peace. The cause of that peace is a common enemy, Regalla, a rebel leader of some sort, though the trailer doesn't mention what she's actually rebelling against.

Finally is the threat of something even more dangerous, a secret tribe in the far west that's more powerful than anything the people of Aloy's world have ever encountered.

Guerrilla previously teased more interactions between Aloy and the world's various tribes than in the original game, so expect to see plenty of each tribe during your time with Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West releases February 18 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. If you need a refresh on Aloy's journey so far, check out our Horizon Zero Dawn story recap.

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