Elden Ring wins GOTY at The Game Awards, but some fans are concerned its DLC plans may be affected by Armored Core

Elden Ring alongside one of Armored Core 6's robots.

Elden Ring alongside one of Armored Core 6's robots.

While Elden Ring may have walked away from last night’s Game Awards as the game of the year, despite some unexpected disruptions during the FromSoftware crew’s acceptance speech, a few of its players still aren’t quite satisfied.

The prospective issue on their lips concerns the game’s long-anticipated paid DLC.any still believed it might be revealed at the awards show, despite the free Colosseum update for the game having dropped earlier this week, and already proving to be pretty popular among everyone from casual players to dance pad streamers.

However, with FromSoft having instead used the show to announce that Armored Core 6 is coming in 2023, these Reddit users are debating whether that game’s arrival might have an affect on their desire for more Elden Ring DLC.

Are you desperate for more Elden Ring DLC following the Colosseum update?

This discussion forms a thread on the subreddit r/eldenring, which began with a post from user cmelgarejo_dev, who shared a screenshot from the Armored Core trailer and said: “Armored core [sic] announced, so no more surprise Elden Ring DLC?”

Their fellow tarnished were quick to cite Hidetaka Miyazaki saying: “As for Elden Ring, we still have several things we want to do, so getting this GOTY award really encourages us,” during his acceptance speech at the awards, which you can watch in full below, as evidence that there’s no need to panic.

That said, it seems not even that was enough to alleviate everyone’s concerns, with user HenryXa saying of Miyazaki’s words: “That's incredibly vague though, isn't it? Like, that could mean anything from a boss rush mode a la Sekiro to investing in a whole other game like Elden Ring 2.”

The thread also saw a number of users argue over whether the director’s comments suggested that Elden Ring DLC was already being worked on or still in the planning stages, with some invoking the financial sense producing it would make as a reason to believe it’ll still be coming at some juncture.

Meanwhile, outside of Elden Ring and Armored Core, the Game Awards also featured new trailers for the likes of Final Fantasy 16 and a fresh clip from the Super Mario Bros movie, as well as the announcement of Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores DLC.

Regardless of whether your enjoyment of the show was impacted by concerns about Elden Ring, make sure to follow us for coverage of a lot of the games it featured, plus some great Elden Ring mods.

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