Elden Ring streamer takes on PvP colosseum using dance pad

An Elden Ring PvP battle in the colosseum.

Following the release of Elden Ring’s long awaited Colosseum DLC, a lot of the game’s PvP masters have already begun their quest to become the top gladiator in The Lands Between by working out the most effective strategies to take into each duel.

However, for the most hardened of players, this clearly isn’t challenging enough, with the world of streaming, infamous for producing the likes of drawing pad and one-handed runs through the game’s bosses, already starting to feature some rather unorthodox Colosseum sessions.

One of the streamers attempting such a feat is MissMikkaa, who, having previously beaten God of War using a dance pad in the run up to Ragnarok’s release, has decided to employ the same control scheme for her first foray into Elden Ring’s arena.

Do you think you could dance your way to becoming the number one ranked Elden Ring gladiator?

MissMikkaa kicked off the six-hour stream that featured this initial attempt at beating her fellow Tarnished into submission with a literal dance of death by admitting: “I don’t know how good PvP with the dance pad will be” and adding that she hasn’t played much PvP with a controller either.

Having done a bit of tinkering with the pad’s key bindings, the streamer nervously signed up for her first battle, which turned out to be a hard-fought and slightly lagged encounter with an opponent using a halberd, who eventually managed to best MissMikkaa using ranged attacks.

The next few clashes saw the streamer gradually shake off two months worth of dance pad rust, with clashes number two and three ending in a stalemate and another narrow defeat respectively, neither of which saw MissMikkaa surrender any deaths.

As she continued to get back into the rhythm, these defeats began to to turn into victories, with the dance pad proving just as effective for rolling and dodging around to avoid blows and land counter strikes as any controller.

That said, this trend was regularly interrupted by foes who could either match MissMikkaa’s skills or do insane levels of damage, proving that the PvP arena doesn’t become too easy even if you’ve been grinding away at it for three or four hours straight, before taking a break to tinker with your character and rename them ‘Dance Pad Chad’.

Once this necessary change was completed, the streamer had a few more battles before calling it a day.

Regardless of whether you’re now trying to set up the ultimate Elden Ring PvP build that’ll allow you to use a toaster as a controller, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to Elden Ring’s newest addition.

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